Street Art and Coffee: The Graffiti Cafe

Why I like coffee, Lord only knows. When I was five years old I had a sip of my mom’s Maxwell House “Good to the Last Drop” morning cup of Joe, and didn’t drink coffee for another 25 years!!  Nowadays, it’s amazing that I am not the most jittery person on earth because I drink it day and night.  So when I heard that the Graffiti Cafe had some good coffee, I decided to check it out.  Good stuff!!

The cafe is located, up and across the street from my beloved Lab Art Gallery, on the North East corner of La Brea and Second street. I tried the cappuccino. Only offered in two “to go” sizes – small (looked to be about 6 oz) and slightly bigger (about 8 oz), and I got the “big one”.  I watch my Barista make it, and immediately noticed how he pour the steamed milk in such a quirky way. When he placed it on the counter, I saw the leaf design – oh, is that how they do that! It was smooth, especially with my to die for accompaniment – a blueberry earl grey “fo-nut” – looks like a donut but soft like cake!!

Coffee, tea, a variety of sweets, art (not what I would call “graffiti”) and free wi-fi, can’t beat it. My cappuccino, fo-nut and designer Oreo-type large sugar coated cookie was under $10.00. Oh BTW, there’s a handwritten sign on the door – something to the effect of “no bottled water of any type allowed inside.”

Iphoneography by Paula Lauren Gibson/AfroPix

Graffiti Sublime Coffee
180 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036


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