Beautiful Franklin Canyon Park

While searching for new places to go hiking recently, I discovered Franklin Canyon Park. If your New Year’s Resolution is to work out more, or if you enjoy just wandering around aimlessly, looking at nature, you should definitely check it out. It is surprisingly secluded and spectacular, considering it’s located off of Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. Once you turn onto Franklin Canyon Drive, you wind your way through a nice neighborhood until you come to a very unobtrusive park entrance, off to the right.

Then you suddenly leave the city behind on a long, windy path through the mountains. I kept thinking maybe I was going the wrong way, but eventually I started to see small spots where cars were pulled over. Then I arrived at the lake and couldn’t believe it. Honestly, I thought all we had in L.A. were concrete and fenced-in reservoirs…

Parking is free and there’s a little bathroom near the duck pond, as well as picnic tables and lots of trails, both around and away from the lake. I sat right by the water and ate my packed lunch and felt totally blissed out. Here are more photos after the jump.

Simone Snaith

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