Jamba Juice Launches New Juice!

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One of the perks of living in Los Angeles is that we get to be the first to see old business launch new ideas or products.  If you were around Santa Monica last week then you were in for a treat! Jamba Juice officially debuted their expanded fresh squeezed juice line! I know this is not a new idea to Jamba of course because they already offer fresh carrot and orange juice, however this new line just blew me away.  Jamba now offers fresh squeezed kale, beets, pineapple, lemon, ginger, and apple!  I had the pleasure of trying several blends and it doesn’t get any more refreshing! The new fresh squeezed juice line will be in a 100 stores in 2013, with more planned in the following year. Keep your eyes open for a Jamba Juice near you and don’t just take my word for it. Now I know there are  juice bars all around LA but this can’t be beat with their commercialized prices.  I can’t wait for Jamba to launch this near my house. I have my own juicer but I wouldn’t mind paying someone to juice for me! If you’re lucky enough to be close to the location on 4th and Santa Monica Blvd then go get your health on!

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