This Sunday – LA Beat Presents The Rotters, The Gypz, Memory Rose at the Redwood

The Rotters at Nardfest 2013: Bob Lee, Phester Swollen. Photo by Elise Thompson.

The Rotters at Nardfest 2013: Bob Lee, Phester Swollen. Photo by Elise Thompson.

More power and volume is headed your way this weekend courtesy of the Los Angeles Beat and the Redwood Bar and Grill.

The latest in our ongoing series of free Sunday afternoon shows for all ages will feature your humble editor singing for late seventies Nardcore pioneers The Rotters (6pm). Ever since the original band moved to Japan and promptly went kerplooey around 1980, original guitarist Phester Swollen has overseen brief patches of Rotters activity with a shifting roster of players in between long hiatuses; this will be his first LA appearance in ten years. This show will feature the Phester/ Bob/ Jaime lineup that produced 2003’s Wrench To The Nuts, the band’s first proper full-length in its thirty-five year history, with new drummer Steve Reed (Carnage Asada, Legal Weapon, Sylvia Juncosa Band and countless others) manning the tubs. Two sets at Nardcore festivals in the last ten months have been extremely well-received and Swollen reiterated his motto during a late night phone conversation with the editor/ singer: “We will rock hard, always.”

Anti-mall punk rockers the Gypz (members of the Gears, D.I., Circe One and Useless) will be there playing at 5pm and groovy racket-making Beaumont trio Memory Rose open the proceedings at 4pm. And in case you missed it, admission is free and all ages are welcome, so you really have no excuse to stay home. Thanks as always to Bob Cantu and the Redwood for letting us bring free music to the people.

The Los Angeles Beat Presents at the Redwood Bar & Grill, 316 W. 2nd Street, Downtown LA. Sunday August 25, 3pm – 7pm.

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