Go With Le Flo: Los Angeles World Theatrical Premiere at the Downtown Independent

Go With Le Flo

Go With Le Flo at the Downtown Independent Friday April 11th

I had the pleasure of being invited to a special screening to see “Go With Le Flo” at The Goethe Institute and was hosted by Stefan Biedermann of the German Consulate. There was a meet and greet before the screening where Harrison and I got to meet Stefan, Michael and Robyn. The evening event also had a special performance by Bright Blue Gorilla: Bright Blue Gorilla acoustic performance - © Billy Bennight for the LA Beatthe ensemble composed of Michael Glover and Robyn Rosenkrantz, who are also the director and producer of Go With Le Flo. Their short set of four songs, with Michael on the Tabla and Robyn on Harmonium, proved to be a fun warm up to getting the movie rooted and started that evening.

Go With Le Flo started with narration by Florian, played by Denis Aubert, the lead character and a sausage maker detailing the plights of his misguided attempts at love. From there we were introduced to talented international cast, many of whom hail from the Bertolt Brecht Theater, Berliner Ensemble. Marina Senckel’s Jenny, is a heart warming soul and plays well off of Florian’s awkward and romantically diluted character. The movie moves quickly establishing this slightly off-center Romantic Comedy set in Berlin: the feature is spoken in both French and German and subtitled in English. It has the charm and whimsy of The Gods Must Be Crazy meeting the romantic intrigues of Bridget Jones Diary, but not with the stuffy English sensibilities of the later and is decidedly a more European take on the Romantic Comedy genre. There are some fun cultural insights and jabs in this cleverly written script; light-heartedly aimed at both French and German audiences. The Goethe Institute’s audiences was as international as was the cast who were locked in this movie. On many occasions there were hearty spontaneous laughs shared by all in attendance. There are some clever twists in the plot and some great visual jokes, as well. I found it entertaining, uplifting and very funny. Well worth a second watch! After the feature we all gathered outside the theater to share our opinions on the movie and continued to get to know one another. The event was catered with some fantastic German cuisine and we savored it. The food was delicious and then we found time for photo opportunities with guest and talent. It was a fun well rounded evening.

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A very similar experience can be tapped into this weekend starting Friday at the Downtown Independent for the World Theatrical Premiere here in Los Angeles. Go with Le Flo will run from April 11 thru 24, 2014, at the Downtown Independent, Los Angeles. That being said, Friday (4-11), Saturday (4-12) and Sunday (4-13) will have a special Red Carpet events, a live concert by Bright Blue Gorilla opening foe every screening, all for the price of admission for the movie. Friday and Saturday’s Red Carpet starts at 7pm and Sunday’s Red Carpet will be at 4pm. Go with Le Flo is a great opportunity to connect with something fresh, ungilded, that delivers earnest hearty laughter: And you don’t want to miss out on a good laugh!

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