Thy Crown is Set!

I mean it – with Soap and Glory launching on HSN, all of that body-polishing, lip plumping, skin smoothing deliciousness is now in your living room. I no longer have to walk across the street to Sephora. (Somehow, I always seem to manage either living or working a block away.)

Marcia Kilgore turned me into a believer back when she had her “Let’s Face It!” spa in early ’90s NY. From there, she turned it into sheer Bliss which spawned a thousand imitators (just see the beauty shelves at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx for the myriad of Bliss and Soap and Glory knockoffs). It may be hard to believe now, but at the time, only Bliss and Benefit were the irreverent, fun, cheeky and yes – incredible, unique product lines out there.

Always on the front lines of beauty revolution, it makes perfect sense to have S&G on TV. In fact, you’d think, “They weren’t already?” Well, here they are:

And just in time, too, because they’re revamping their skin care line (I’m nearly out of my precious Hot Cloth Cleanser, something I slather on the minute I’m finished walking the dog, but that’s another article.)


Donna Lethal

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