MOCA’s Step and Repeat Performance Series Continues this Saturday at The Geffen

Dynasty Handbag by Josh White

Dynasty Handbag by Josh White

Step and Repeat, a multi-disciplinary program of performance art, music, comedy, and poetry, opened last Saturday night at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. The series continues for three additional and consecutive Saturdays (September 20th, 27th, closing October 4th).

The line-up for this Saturday, September 20th, includes artists Rod Smith, Will Alexander, Barbara T. Smith, Yung Jake, Power Violence, Le1f, Isla Jones Cheadle, Reach La, Kingdom, Nguzunguzu, and Prince Will.

Opening night of Step and Repeat brought a series of performances on numbered stage/performance areas inside the spacious Geffen. It was interesting to see a diversity of performances from spoken word, dance, poetry, music, comedy and a cross section of all them.

According to MOCA,“Step and Repeat announces MOCA’s return to live arts programming, a crucial part of the museum’s historical identity. In the spirit of the upcoming series, we’re looking back at performances at The Geffen.”

Performance art can be a bit polarizing. Some champion it, while others dismiss it. Not all performance art is defined by rolling an American flag into a burrito then smashing a few mirrors in mime make-up. (Huh? Wow! vs. Wow! Huh?) However, a live performance (art, music, dance, poetry, etc.,) unfolds within the moment and creates an interaction between performer and audience.

It’s encouraging to see MOCA’s programming include the experience of performance art with Step and Repeat. Don’t miss out on the next Step and Repeat this Saturday!

For tickets and more information on the series, visit the Step and Repeat site.

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  1. Ella Step says:

    I wished they had used another name for the event – it’s kind of confusing, especially in LA with all the red carpet and step and repeat action 😉

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