Photo Essay: The Townhouse Saloon and Del Monte Speakeasy Celebrate Repeal Day

Toasting to Repeal day.  Photo by Ed simon for The Los Angeles Bea

Friday night, December 5th, the Townhouse Saloon and Del Monte Speakeasy in Venice put on a Repeal Day Party to celebrate the anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition in 1933. Just like that day in 1933, booze flowed freely, flappers danced, a ragtime band played and everyone had a great time. Richard Ross gave an interesting talk downstairs, in the Del Monte Speakeasy about the history of Prohibition. Sitting downstairs in the hidden bar, where the rumrunners used to meet, really made an impact of the history of the place. This was living history as well as a great party. The drinks were great too, as they served French 75’s, Manhattans, Old Fashioned and other Prohibition-era cocktails. Even the pig, who was featured at the Roast Pig Feast, seemed to have a smile on his face. I wonder why? Photo Essay after the jump. 

Ed Simon

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