MYTHOS & GODDESSES: Fall 2015 Collection Sue Wong’s Mighty Statement!

All Photos by ©Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

All Photos by ©Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

The MYTHOS & GODDESSES: Fall 2015 Collection played to a full and excited house last Monday in Hollywood at the Taglyan Cultural Complex as part of Arts Heart Fashion contribution to LA Fashion Week. There was a very busy red carpet taking place outside that belied the fashion theater and the complex rich visual performances that were soon take place inside. As I entered I found models practicing their walks in the atrium as others milled about. I squeezed in the grand room to see all the photographers mounting a dais for a full photo assault on the models as they would soon approach that dais via the runway. Anticipation for the evening’s event was getting feverish as Hollywood notables descended on the opulent venue.

Soon the grand room filled and people nested in their appointed seats garnished with tastefully prepared gift bags. The room settled after another 20 minutes of seat searching mixed with friendly greeting amongst the guest and photo opts. Before the show pounded to the beat of operatic death metal and runway filled with ravishing and exotic models we were all treated to an operatic performance by singer Summer Watson.

The room grew quiet once Summer had finished her performance. The first model for the evening was Nikki Sixx’s wife Courtney Sixx who appeared in this stunning burgundy evening gown and matching shawl. From that time on the pounding beat and prancing feet never let up as sublimely dressed beauties strutted and posed as every eye lingered in fascination and awe of Sue Wong’s 2015 Fall/Winter collection.

Wong’s designs were extraordinary and exquisite! They were heroic by their very nature with stunning details, while drawing multiple cultural and historic influences. There were gowns that echoed Victorian, Edwardian and The 20’s influences. The detailed beading that would grace the model’s hips or cross about her bosoms praised the feminine form. The headdresses and hats were marvels and exquisite with their tribal and pacific rim sensibilities: creating a grand silhouette that referenced the goddess and the chalice of power. Her headdresses were magnificent examples of ceremonial power: both the primitive and sophisticated. Sue Wong’s creations were gushing in rich colors, textures, embroidery and beading that exemplifies the highest standards of design. When you closely examine the attention to details combined with the material and labor of construction it becomes a mind-blowing visual experience. Sue Wong considers her work coming from the point of view of an artist. “MYTHOS & GODDESSES” shows the discipline of an artist and also the channeling of the sumptuously divine.

The evening concluded with the models attending Sue Wong to the front of the stage with older gentleman who took a moment to present Sue with a beautiful bouquet that highlight a victorious evening of fashion. You’ll find a wonderful visual summary of the evening’s events in the photo provided in the gallery below. Feast your eye these extraordinary contributions to this year’s fall and winter fashion season.

Billy Bennight

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