The Mighty Cash Cats Channel Johnny Cash with Two Upcoming Live Shows

MIGHTY CASH CATS LIVE PIC. Photo courtesy of Doug Deutsch PR.Johnny Cash spent part of his life in Ventura County. He moved his family to Casitas Springs near Ojai in 1961 and maintained a nearby office in Ventura until his divorce from his first wife, Vivian in 1966. So it stands to reason that seeing an exceptional tribute band to Johnny in Moorpark might send chills down the spine as you picture Johnny and June Carter doing a show in Moorpark in a bar where they actually might have played. On June 5th, The Mighty Cash Cats bring their tribute to the Lucky Fools’ Pub in Moorpark.

Michael Jay, who provides the lead vocals and guitar for the Mighty Cash Cats, said “Johnny and June were all about the music. In spite of some of the popular culture image of them, they both were deeply rooted in the music they performed. Johnny studied the roots of the music and June’s mother Maybelle Carter was a fabulous guitarist and a member of the Carter family called the First Family of Country Music and about whom musicologists say invented the term Country Music. So they had a love and appreciation for both each other and the music they performed and that helped to created the onstage magic of their shows. We try to bring some of that kind of vibe to our Mighty Cash Cat shows”.

MIGHTY CASH CATS MICHAEL JAY AND LETICIA BLUMETTE. Photo courtesy of Doug Deutsch PR.Indeed, by dressing the part as well as playing the songs, The Mighty Cash Cats allow you to not only enjoy the music but also to see what a Carter/Cash show might have been. Of course, listening to their latest release, The Ballad of Johnny and June, The Mighty Cash Cats provide not only the recognizable hits from Johnny Cash such as Ring of Fire, 16 Tons and Ghost Riders in the Sky, but also the original song The Ballad of Johnny and June, which tells the story of them, done in the sparse Sun Records style which Cash was famous for.

This Fri, June 5 at 9pm, The Mighty Cash Cats take their Tribute to Johnny Cash with June Carter plus some Rock n Roll and Country Music to the Lucky Fools Pub, 75 High St, Moorpark, CA. The Lucky Fools’ Pub is a taste of Ireland in Ventura County, so you can enjoy your pint of Guiness beer while watching the show. For information please call the Lucky Fools Pub at (805) 532-1500.

The Mighty Cash Cats will also be bringing their show to Ventura on June 12, as they play Amigo’s Cafe and Cantina. Amigo’s is at 546 E. Main Street in Ventura and is definitely a place where you could visualize Johnny making the short drive from his home for a drink and an impromptu turn on the stage. Tequila, beer and delicious Mexican foods are available at Amigo’s. For show information please call (805) 874-2232.

The Mighty Cash Cats, with Michael J. Smith and Leticia Blumette provide a look into the exciting live performances of one of music’s most famous couples. The Mighty Cash Cats are known for great live performances, so make sure you get on down to the Lucky. Who knows, maybe they’ll even perform one of Johnny Cash and June Carter’s most famous songs, Jackson……..

We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout,
We’ve been talkin’ ’bout Jackson, ever since the fire went out.
I’m goin’ to Jackson, I’m gonna mess around,
Yeah, I’m goin’ to Jackson,
Look out Jackson town.




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