Have You Missed Starry Kitchen’s Balls? Us Too. Uber Eats is Here to Save Us All!

Awesome pic by by Kim Fox, Photographer

Awesome pic by by Kim Fox, Photographer

Ever since Starry Kitchen, Nguyen and Thi Tran’s pop-up-legit restaurant in Chinatown closed, our taste buds have been very sad. Although they will be publishing a cookbook with Harper One, I am certain I can never reproduce Singapore Crab with half the skill of Thi Tran.

Starry Kitchen is always on the cutting edge, and once again they are at the forefront of things that will confuse your mother. Uber, the car service we all know and love, now does food delivery in DTLA+West LA. On July 9th, there was a test run and so many people ordered Starry Kitchen’s Malaysian Chicken Curry they broke Uber’s system! And yes, the curry is served with a side of Crispy Tofu Balls.

The Malaysian Curry meal is only around $13.99 + $3 delivery fee. They may be expanding the menu at some point. Possible future menu items are Chili Crab Gumbo, Braised Viet Coco Pork Belly, Garlic noodles, Homemade Japanese Curry Roux+Roast Spare Ribs, and the intriguing Viet minced beef-tacular. Which nights will Starry Kitchen be offering delivery? Tonight for sure, then whenever they damn well feel like it.

Ordering food through UberEATS is just like requesting a ride, and it uses the same cashless payment method. Here’s how it works:

Download the Uber app here

Open the Uber app and slide over to EATS during meal service hours
Enter your location, and tap VIEW MENU
Place your order. Your meal will be delivered curbside in minutes

MINUTES. Seriously. Under TEN minutes. So who lives in Downtown or the Westside who wants to have dinner with me? Otherwise I may have to order food from a closet like Elaine did on Seinfeld.

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