Three Days Of The Tiki: Tiki Oasis 15 “Yesterday’s Future Today”

After Thursday’s Meet & Greet kick-off party for at the Bali Hai for Tiki Oasis 15 the serious Tiki partying began in earnest at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Friday. Everyone was dressed to the nines in the finest retro futuristic Tiki themed gear. Women we sporting elaborate 50’s/60’s hairdos and men for the most part had the product filled high and tights. All three days were composed of symposiums, bands, an art show, cigar and rum pairing, rum tastings, burlesque, a beauty contest for Ms. Tiki Oasis and the notoriously wild, sweltering room parties!

TOFSMLHZ 29It’s very much like the early days of Comic Con for those of you who remember that vibe. One jumping party was Space Age Sexcapade with Mr. Wonderful (aka James Call of the Penetrators) and Señor Amor with live Tiki carving by Billy the Curd. This party truly represented San Diego hospitality because upon entering the party room a cocktail immediately graced you hand as you embraced the moment of Dr. Feelgood. Tim Mays of Casbah threw a mean party with a host of bands and delicious drinks. For the socially conscious there were a number of LA notables dipping in out through these days and nights like KXLU Stella Stray Pop, David Arnson of the Insect Surfers and Lina Lecaro. 

Photo gallery after the jump!

El Vez was the jovial drunk-ish pageant host with a slew of double entendres and raised eyebrows. Charles Phoenix gave a festive and charming slide presentation of Mid-Century Modern architecture and design. Jason and the R.I.P. Tides brought some poolside Si-fi surf on Sunday. You can follow this link if you have a desire to own any of these memories seen in the below gallery. These were days of mischief and shenanigans at the Crowne Plaza Hotel with a grand Easter Island Head (Rapa Nui’s  “aringa ora ata tepuna”) looking in knowing approval of the swerves and curves that got shaken and stirred all weekend long!



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Fun! Thanks for sharing. Me and my big mouth gaping wide open are now part of history, LOL.

  2. Jennifer your energy is more that fun! I’m glad you were there for the photo.

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