Haunted Movies in Haunted Places: “Night Stalkers” at Pasadena’s Suicide Bridge Monday Night

Every day driving to work on the 134 I pass The Colorado Street Bridge. I used to think of it as The Disney Bridge because of its Beaux Arts arches and old-fashioned orb lights. But it is locally known as the “suicide bridge,” and has almost since it was built, due to dozens of suicides from the early 1900s until as recently as 2014.

At 8:00pm tonight, October 26th, in a partnership with the Echo Park Film Center Filmmobile, GHOULA continues its tradition of presenting “a free outdoor screening of a horror film at an unusual location that is said to be haunted.” There will also be a “ghost-hunting” demonstration and mini investigation of the haunted bridge at 7pm, followed by a discussion before the film.

The film to be screened at the bridge is Night Stalkers, a  documentary about paranormal investigators in Southern California in 2010. The movie is filmed in famous LA area locations like Linda Vista Hospital, Camarillo State Hospital, The Anaheim White House, The Zalud House, and yes, Suicide Bridge. Wayne Poe, the film’s director, will be present at the screening for a Q&A afterward.

SUICIDE BRIDGE (Colorado St. Bridge)
East end of the bridge at Defenders Park, adjacent to…
1 S. Grand Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

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