Oh my God! You’re Missing it! Long Beach Zombie Walk

Every year, Shoreline Village and the Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach are overrun with zombies. The three-day Zombie Walk started last night, but you still have two full days to get your zombie on. Today starting at 12 noon, join the zombies as they make their 45 minute “walk” through the streets of Long Beach. If you don’t want to do your own makeup, there will be professional makeup artists ready to make your gruesome for a small fee. “participants are encouraged to remain in character as zombies and to communicate only in a manner consistent with zombie behavior, which may include grunting, groaning or slurred, moaning calls for “brains.”

Events continue all day with live bands including The Goblyns at 1pm, followed by bands starting on the hour every hour, including Evile Annie, Rhythm Coffin, Scapeche Mode, Frankenstein, culminating at 6pm with the gore and gore-gore dancing spectacular that is our very own Dukey Flyswatter’s Haunted Garage! It looks like there will be another walk at 7pm then some serious EDM meets deep-throated NIN horror metal from Zombies Ate my Brain. Or you can check out the outdoor movie theater for a screening of –what else? — Night of the Living Dead.

Sunday is Zombie Children’s Day, although the music lineup isn’t exactly Raffi. Starting at 12 noon, Gruesome Zombie/Monster Wrestling by Vendetta Pro Wrestling will be happening all day. At 5pm there will be a homemade costume contest for kids 12 and under, and at 8pm there will be an outdoor screening of Paranorman.

Sunday the bands start at 1pm and every hour on the hour, starting with Fungus Finklestein, and followed by The Grinning Ghosts, Rooster Head, Aparato, Popsical, Bellhaunts, The Potential Lunatics and Mac Sabbath.

There will be “Terror Trucks” — portable haunted houses, DJs, freak shows, a gaming truck with video games, a freak show, a photo booth, and a live sports tent to watch your favorite sports. Whaat? Either they seriously misjudged their participants, or it’s a place to park your normal dad or brother while they humor you weirdos in the family.

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