POP FOUND: 2 Day Pop Up Store Launch Of Sibio

imageLinda Carmella Sibio is launching her new Sibio line with a special Pop Up Store featuring a new line of t-shirts and hand-painted vintage shirts, as well as original hand-painted fabrics by the artist. The Sibio launch will take place Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm at the late iconic artist Rachel Rosenthal Company’s performance space, Espace DbD. The space will be transformed into a retail boutique selling wearable art from three lines (Hip Madness, Octa Root, and Mayan Visions). Pop Found will feature Sibio’s original designs on textiles, high-quality t-shirts, and vintage shirts for men and women. The artist will also stage mini performance art pieces throughout the weekend. The event will include an installation of Marsha Perloff’s whimsical assemblage art dolls integrated with Sibio’s eclectic designs. You can find more information is on the Sibio Event page here and Sibio’s Crazy for a Day online shop at www.crazyforaday.com.

Linda Carmella Sibio was part of Andy Warhol’s factory as a silk screener and mentored by Rachel Rosenthal for 30 years. Since 1985 she has expressed her her art in different mediums that include: painting, insillations and performance art. She sights Marcel Duchamp’s “The Bride Stripped Bare byte Bachelor’s Even,” Foucault’s “Madness and Civilation” and Antonin Artaud’s “Theater and Its Double. This is a rather nice slate of artists to draw from beside being part of Andy Warhol’s Factory. 

Sibio states in her bio “Although my visual art training stems from an academic background I have replaced these design techniques with that from my research into the perceptions of the insane. I have taken “symptoms” of insanity and transposed them into techniques for making experimental art. These methods include fragmentation, interrupters, non-linear time sequencing, multiple layers of images and stories, dismemberment, psychological torture, broadcasting, delusions and hallucinations. These techniques have lead to work where there are layers and layers of images leading to an epic effect.

The fragmented thinking of the schizophrenic is actually a window into the placement of our culture. We are living in a deconstructed world no longer thinking linear thoughts. Our perceptions are continually interrupted by television, Internet, video surveillance, the media – we no longer have a single thought. We think in a multi-layered complex pattern. In order for our culture to go forward the darkness of the dismembered body needs to come into the light. We need to fragment in order to become whole again. “

The Sibio fashion pop up launch is a free event. Proceeds from all sales support Sibio’s fine art, which spans visual art, writing, film/video, and performance. The Rachel Rosenthal Company’s Espace DbD is located at 2847 South Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034. The space’s entrance is through the back alley in the rear of the building. (You’ll want to look for Pop Found signs.) This is a great opportunity to be a part of the launch of a new line over the Valentine Day’s weekend and end up fashionably clad and ready for the week that follows.


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