70s Icon and Grammy Winner Toni Tennille to Sign Recently Released Memoirs at the Grove Barnes and Noble

Photo Courtesy of BHBPR

Photo Courtesy of BHBPR

Okay, everyone! Sing it with me now (to the tune of Love Will Keep us Together by Captain and Tennille):

Books. Books all bound in leather,
Most sturdily stay together.
Think of well-bound books whenever,
a holiday comes back around, lack of gift ideas abound;
You’ve gotta listen to this song,
for a well-written book with binding that’s strong!
Just stop. ‘Cause the plot’ll sure tug you.
Stop. The person who received it’ll hug you!
Take a good look in this non-backlit book; Let Tennille, help unplug you!

Yes. You’ve known her since the 70s as a singer, song writer, and variety artist but now add writer to the mix of Toni Tennille’s varied credentials as she unveils her latest, most captivating autobiography to boot in: A Memoir—Toni Tennille.

During the course of the last weekend in April, while revisiting her roots in the form of presenter of music categories at the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Ms. Tennille will be kind and enterprising enough to sneak in a book signing at the Grove’s Barnes and Noble on Saturday April 30th from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Best known as half of the musical husband/wife duo Captain and Tennille from their 1970s variety show of the same name, Cathryn Antoinette (Toni) Tennille was raised in the segregated South and trained as a classical pianist possessing a marked proficiency for song writing that would take her all the way to Hollywood!

Since gracing stages and TV screens alongside her husband the world over and bestowing fans with such memorable melodies as “Love with Keep us Together” as a parallel nod to said idyllic musical marriage, only half the joy of said union was authentic. The musical aspect: steadfast, but the so-called “love” as referenced in their number one hit would inevitably tear them asunder.  For, beneath the veneer of the “solid as a rock” gospel of their most recognizable duet was a tension no one ever suspected manifesting in Tennille’s lonesome tussle to navigate her way through a marriage with a perpetually disconcertingly quirky, domineering, and emotionally unavailable man.

In penning this memoir, Tennille hopes that it will empower anyone stuck in a vastly dysfunctional relationship to seek help and ultimately break free!

These days, Ms. Tennille has most recently launched a variety of solo albums dedicated to her ardent love of Big Band Music and the American Songbook. But she can most readily and just as passionately be found working with her prize-winning Shepherd Dogs in Lake Mary, Florida. (And…you know what…? She probably sings all manner of groovy songs to them too, the sentiment of which most likely only mirrors her most memorable hit! ‘Cause dogs are truly the best whether “Best in Show” or otherwise and one of the few loves there is in fostering furever togetherness…)

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