It Was An Afternoon Of Puppylove That Kicked Off Nat Geo WILD’s 2nd Annual “Barkfest” At Palihouse

Nat Geo Barkfest 7Nat Geo WILD hosted “Barkfest” at the Palihouse to celebrate all things dog! Barkfest erupts on Nat Geo WILD next weekend where the programming will focus on man’s best friend. The network put it this way on their website, “Calling all dog lovers! Nat Geo WILD is gearing up for a weekend of all bark, no bite TV featuring some of the smartest, most unique and cutest canines in the world. There will be surfing dogs, service dogs, games to find out if your dog is a genius, Cesar Millan marathons and much more.” Barkfest brought celebrity dog lovers and dog enthusiasts together for a one of a kind kick-off party!

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The Palihouse Hotel was transformed into a doggy paradise where pooches and people mixed for a delightful brunch.  There were doggy toys, doggy treats and orphan pups that were paired for an afternoon of festivities and good will in the most heart warming adorable way. Madeleine Coghlan (King Saud and Bob and the Amazon), J Sutta (The Pussycat Dolls), Lauren Ash (Superstore), Jacqueline Pinol (Bordertown and Bosch), Savannah Kennick (Holidays and Sketch) , Holly Marie Combs (Pretty Little Liars), Dr. Tina Olivieri (Pet Talk), Dan Amboyer (Younger), Andre Millan (Pet Talk), Laura Dash and Jim Peterson (Second Chance Chihuahua), Evan Ball (World’s Funniest Dogs), Marcus Scriber (Blackish), Jonathan Keltz (Reign), Perrey Reeves (Entourage) and KittenKay Sera (The Pink Lady) were all smitten with puppy love at Palihouse Hotel for Nat Geo Wild’s “Barkfest”.

The afternoon proceeded with DJ’ed music, while humans and dogs mingled, partaking of a lovely brunch and festive doggy treats respectively. There was an adoption area on the patio of Palihouse, where the most adorable puppies were staged to find new homes. From the look of things there were a number those darlings that found homes by the close of the event. Everyone had a doggy dog good time! Nat Geo WILD put together a fantastic afternoon, where people and pets could enjoy themselves with this cool Kick-off for the 2nd Annual Barkfest. Barkfest will occupy next weekend’s programming starting Friday April 15th at 9/8 central time on Nat Geo WILD. 

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