The Descendents Played a Super Secret Show in Hermosa Wednesday Night

(Photo by Jordan Schwartz)

(Photo by Jordan Schwartz)

There was a time when you could see the Descendents in a small venue, up close and sweaty. Nowadays they play almost exclusively at festivals and big venues. They are one of the few early punk bands that have gotten their due. But they have never forgotten their South Bay roots. Their anti-rock star stance was validated once again Wednesday night when they played at a small restaurant on Hermosa Avenue called Standing Room. The show was a birthday party for Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise, who just turned 50. I would assume that all of the Descendents’ band members converged in LA to rehearse for their upcoming appearance at Punk Rock Bowling, and timing is everything.

Many thanks to Jordan Schwartz, Dave Markey and Dave Naz for generously contributing their photos. Check them out after the break.

When I used to see the genteel old folks dancing to big bands, I wondered what my generation would be doing in 40 years. This video shows you what we’ll still be doing no matter how old we get.

Don’t feel left out. You can catch the Descendents at Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas and Picnic in Pozo in September.

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