43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Reception Floods Hollywood Museum to Fizzy Fresh Effervescence!

Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

The Hollywood Museum was a rockin’ and a rollin’ a few days prior to the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys roughly two Wednesdays and a week ago; wherein the primary songs that might have been flowing through anyone’s heads could very well have been “Splish Splash I was Takin’ a Bath”, and “A Little Bit of Soap” by Nigel Olsson (Remember that jam?) or anything off the Barbra Streisand Wet album, as all felt as refreshingly rejuvenating as a dip in copious amounts of delicious drama, whilst soaking in the splendiferousness of all manner of sophisticated soap stars! Well, primarily speaking, but there were more genres than that in the mix, the likes of which you will have to read this groovy article to divine. But suffice it to say, all was copacetic on the night in question — or would that be soapacetic? Heh heh heh…

As fun as the reception of last year, there was one differential of note: Artists were more hesitant to discuss already filmed, or recently released, plotlines, particularly on web based programming as there is always and more predominantly the possibility of generating further audience members whilst suspending the suspense. As a result, I got a lot of what I have come to term “vague talkers” which is a Seinfeldian term to be sure, in and of itself, but Seinfeldian circumstances have no place in soap operatic circles, unless it possibly revolves around “good naked vs. bad naked” scenarios as we will see…

Included in the mix (as a preliminary hint): Finola Hughes, Kristoff St. John, Daytime Emmys Executive Producer David Michaels, Dee Wallace (Hollywood’s most quintessential mom and former MS Sufferer on General Hospital), Kevin Spirtas, Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans.

No, Ronn Moss was not present to tower over anyone and delight in being my ironic twin (all 4’ 11” of me). No, Rick Springfield is not returning to General Hospital any time soon (though the way The Bay’s been rocking the boat in innovative new approaches to all things Soap Operatic—perhaps Springfield will roll, if not row his way over there).  And no, Jack Wagner is probably not going to resurface anywhere anytime soon as his current occupation in life seems to be “all he needs”.  Oh and Woody Allen was not there either.  Don’t ask me way…he just wasn’t.  So get over it…

But there were many relevant forces to be reckoned with on the red carpet that night and I got to talk to them all—well nearly all–in a star studded sequence of celebratory significance!

Kathleen Gati:
(Dr. Leisl/Lisa Obrecht on General Hospital and nominee for best Actress in the role of Valentina Hawthorne on the year old runaway cyber soap Winterthorne viewable at www.winterthorne.com )

LA Beat-So what I want know, especially since we’re coming up on the Daytime Emmys is either your favorite or your funnest moment from your body of work this year.

Oh it hasn’t come out yet. I’ve been nominated for Winterthorne, that’s what we’re here for this evening and it’s very exciting!

Wow, so maybe I can ask you this, what is one of your favorite scenes from Winterthorne that you can talk about?—That you did this year in the past?

Well, I get strangled by licorice!

You get strangled by licorice?!? And not a stripper or Madame named Licorice—actual licorice?

No, strangled to death by red licorice: I think that’s a pretty decent death.  You might as well be strangled by something you love…. I play a woman who’s a matriarch…of this candy industry.  It’s sort of futuristic, flowery, artistic in a sense of women running the world, and [they] control it by candy. Under candy they keep the men sedated and dead or sedated or excited, all controlled by candy.

What? You mean it’s not already like that now??!

Petri Hawkins Byrd:
(Bailiff/Himself-Judge Judy)

So in light of your day to day costuming—and while I normally reserve this question for women: Have you decided what you’re going to wear for the Emmys?

Oh yeah, yeah, I’m definitely going with clothes. As a matter of fact, most people insisted that I go with clothes!

But you’re going with a bolo (only/solo) instead of a tie I think…

Right, but here’s the thing:  I will not be in uniform, that’s for sure.

So, in light of all that, what would you say, pertaining to this year, has been your proudest moment in your body of work or your funnest, most arresting moment?

I think our biggest achievement this year is that we have reached our pinnacle of 5000 shows in fact, that happened today.

Oh wow!

(LR) Donnell Turner, Finola Hughes, Brooklyn Rae Silzer--General Hospital, Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

(L-R) Donnell Turner, Finola Hughes, Brooklyn Rae Silzer–General Hospital, Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

And we just started filming season 21 today (April 27th) so…I’m feeling like a champion. I’m feeling like Kobe with the Lakers right now you know…20 years of doing anything is a milestone but to reach 5000 episodes is [big]… I would like to see some of them…especially from my early years…twenty years ago…

That’s amazing!  Is there a really arresting case that you can talk about that you thought was really weird on that show this year?

I think one of the weirdest cases that we ever had was a woman who was suing another woman for lunch. She claimed that before she left this job, she and this other woman had switched off treating each other to lunch so she came in and sued for lunch and the judge and I just looked at each other like “really?”

Did they both lose?

She kicked ‘em out. Of course the woman who was being sued was like, “Your Honor, could you deal with this woman?!?”

Max Ehrich:
(The Young and the Restless nominated for Outstanding Young Actor in a Drama Series)

So, what was the craziest thing that’s happened to your character in the series this year?

Going to jail and getting beaten up in jail ‘cause my character’s the rebel. He just always finds a way of getting into trouble and being in jail and being harassed and being beaten up was an interesting story line.

Hm…yeah, sometimes I hear they do worse things to men in jail.

They actually insinuated that so who knows…? I might’ve been walking with a limp.

Bryan James:
(Drew/Josh Castle-Youthful Daze—a New Digital Soap)

So, do you have anything funny that happened on your show where it could have ended up on America’s Funniest Home Videos? Like a retake like an outtake or something like that?

Yeah, there was one time where the boom hit me in the head during a take…yeah so the sound guy actually fell asleep when we were filming.

It had to be you…

It had to be me!

(L-R) Daytime Emmys Exec Producer David Michaels, Dee Wallace, Kevin Spirtas; Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

(L-R) Daytime Emmys Exec Producer David Michaels, Dee Wallace, Kevin Spirtas; Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

Wow! And on top of all that, what’s the most amazing thing or outrageous thing that’s happened to your character this year?

Uh well I have a split personality so that’s crazy fun ‘cause there’s times where my character doesn’t know what’s going on. He completely forgets what’s happening.  It’s really like my other half doing it but yeah…

I’m glad I asked that question too!

You should check it out www.youthfuldaze.com We’ve been on for five seasons and we keep doing more so hopefully we’re on for five more!

Lorry Plasterer:
(Nurse Sidney-Youthful Daze)

My name is Lorry Plasterer and my character’s name is Nurse Sidney.

Bryan— When I had amnesia that’s how she came on the show, so she was my nurse.

Which personality?

Bryan-Good question, I have two—Drew and Josh!

Lorry—So I was his nurse and then we end up becoming better friends.

Better Friends or Better “friends”?

Lorry-You’ll have to watch and find out.

That’s so good. What’s one of your proudest moments from this year?

Lorry-This year is my first season being on this show and I think my favorite part was a scene that we actually improvised that ended up being perfect and we did it in one take!

I love those stories about improv turning into something…and what was the scene about, can you talk about it?

Lorry-This was one of our first encounters post hospital and I basically show up at his house…[acting] really awkward and saying, “Hi, sorry I’m here. I was your nurse but I’m at your house…” and the rest you’ll have to watch and see…

Bryan–There was a serial killer on the show at the time so, to the audience, it might seem like she might be the killer so that’s in it too.

Felicia Cooper:
(Sasha Thompson–The Bold and the Beautiful)

You look so arresting in this red dress you look like a Greek goddess or something… So in light of the Daytime Emmys–what is either your proudest or most arresting favorite moment from your body of work this year?

Oh my gosh there are so many. Maybe my first day on set because my first day on set was with Obba Babatunde and Anna Maria Horsford… They are legends. My first scene, right out of the gate, was with them and I was like, “Felicia, you’ve got to be able to hold your own. They’re not going to babysit you!” So I was like, “All right. I’ve gotta give ‘em what I got!” And it was just awing to be the best I could… All our characters worked (together) all that jazz…

That’s awesome and when was your first day exactly like how long have you been on the show?

I’ll never forget this day October 27th –So I’ve been there for six months.

That’s a great date!—And today is the 27th of April. It’s like exact! So what’s the craziest thing that’s happened to your character so far?

Stealing my best friend’s boyfriend and actually getting away with it. It’s not like I tried but he was like so into her [yet] I got him!

What?  He was still totally into her but YOU got him?

Yeah! He’s MY boyfriend now! Though this character has been one of my hardest acting challenges because she takes what she wants and that’s it and there’s like depth behind it and there’s a reason she is the way she is but it was hard for me–Felicia as a human being–to wrap my head around doing it.

Is there a technique or a way that you can articulate that you do it or is that private that you… ingest for yourself…?

Yes it’s a technique and a way, but yes it’s something that I keep private… I was taught, “Felicia whatever it takes for you to identify with this character, and make it come to life, it’s yours… This is your private thing to give blood to this person.” So there are tricks and techniques but I keep them in my heart.

Brad Bell:
(EP Head Writer Nominee The Bold and the Beautiful)

(L-R) Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans; Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

(L-R) Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans; Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

Brad Bell, I want to talk to you ‘cause I’m a writer myself. I’ve heard your name several times so I know you’re very significant on your show. I remember lot of people were praising you last year at the Hollywood Museum’s LGBT exhibit opening and talking about how many exotic geographic places you took The Bold and the Beautiful Location-wise.

Oh good. So I’m up with all the story lines and I’ve been doing it since the beginning with my father; then I took it over four years into it and I’ve done the last 26 years or so—25 years.

Wow! And I hear that you just really go there—just go all out with the story!

Yes, yes. We believe in painting ourselves into a corner and just trying to find a way out and doing anything we can to make it different and break the rules.

Do you have a way of articulating how you unpaint yourself out of a corner? Or is it just sort of instinctual?

Well I think you have to tap into the goodness of the character and no matter what they’ve done wrong, or how horrible it’s gone awry if you find a shred of decency within that character, that’s your little light out of the darkness and you try to save the character from whatever trauma or tragedy they’ve been through. So it’s all about [the concept that] everyone has some goodness within them and that usually leads them back to the light.

And do you find that that keeps the script more realistic and grounded in that way?


So, in light of the whole Emmy celebration, what about your work this year has been either your most proud moment or one of the funnest moments?

I think when our character Maya told her fiancé that she was transgender and she had never told him that, and they were on their way to getting married… His reaction was one of shock of course at first but then of pretty quick acceptance because he loved her for who she was at the time and place of her life.  He didn’t react negatively.  In fact he really embraced her and got happily married and had a child and so it’s a real love story, and one that’ unique in daytime.

…and groundbreaking as it’s never been done on daytime before!

No… no…

Patrika Darbo:
(Mickey Walker-The Bay)

So sorry, I’m making you go backwards on the red carpet!

Honey I’m like everywhere, so it’s okay…

Well now that I’m done being mesmerized by your outfit, what I wanted to know is…in light of the Emmys, what is one of your favorite moments from your body of work this year that you’re either most proud of or that was the most fun or arresting.

Oh Golly Gee, first of all I loved playing Roseanne on the NBC Movie of the week Roseanne and Tom: Behind the Scenes. I also loved working on the show with her, It’s good to be the Queen. I loved working for Clint Eastwood and one of my favorite roles is Daddy’s Dyin’ Who’s Got the Will because I got to originate the role onstage, then we went to Scotland and performed in the fringe. Then we came back and I got to originate my role in film, starring alongside Beau Bridges so that was one of my favorite things.

Pierson Fode:
(Thomas Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful—Younger Actor—Nominee)

Congratulations by the way, now what I want to know is–in light of the Emmys and your nomination, what’s one of your proudest moments from your career this year?

It’s a fantastic scene with Thomas Forrester and his father and it’s a conflict of unrequited love from your dad that you missed out on as a child. You wanted that and you never quite got it so you’re spending the rest of your life trying to make up for it. So he confronts his dad about it and what a cool moment.

What’s one of the most outrageous things that’s happened to your character this year—that couldn’t be believed?

Everything was fairly believable, [though] I think it is pretty wild to see a guy who dated a girl and the girl ends up marrying his dad but before they get married, they have sex and then they have a kid out of it and then they’re married so he’s his brother’s father!

Um…whoa, wait—WHAAAT?!? Oh my God, my head hurts now… But first a little ho-down ditty while I go lie down…

(…and now that we’ve processed that above conundrum, ponder THIS: It seems a stranger was caught interloping on my red carpet interviews.  Though his name escaped my recording, he was suuuure innarestingggg!!!)

Mystery Tape Guest:
(The Bold and the Beautiful)

So, Armani and Mark Jacobs are usually the guys that dress me but Anthony Mackie reached out to my stylist and wanted to dress me this year.

Wow, when you’ve got a guy reaching out to your stylist, that’s really cool!

Yeah it’s fun. I try to be somewhat on point with my fashion so… I’m on a fashion show…

(Yes, The Bold and the Beautiful, for those of you who don’t know, is a soap opera about the fashion world aka the aka “the fashion show, show” as I call it!)

Snazzy and I like the no-tie look. I think the tie is kind of symbolic for the noose…well it looks like a noose… I don’t know where that came from. But I think there’s a conspiracy behind that.

I completely agree. I prefer to stay naked.

There ya go. And you can do it in California better than other places.

What is it: The Castro up in San Francisco where you can walk around naked? Yeah, yeah. I saw a couple o’ guys doing it and I was like “Man I better join you or something!” And they’re like, “No, no, no.  You don’t want to do that here, otherwise you’ll get tackled! Because they’ll like it,” and I’m like, “Oh, okay.  Maybe I’ll just do it in my own apartment and just do it with myself.”

That could be…that could be… Did you ever see the Seinfeld Episode about the ‘good naked and the bad naked?’ Yeah. It could be THAT!

Victoria Vida:
(Netflix Project MC Squared: Nominated for a Daytime Emmy in Children’s Programming in Female Empowerment).

(Victoria Vida I’m told is a “culinary chemist who inspires girls with science”. She is short, spunky and cute as a button not to mention vastly interested in making the world a better place!)

So what inspired the title of your show?

Well Project MC Squared is about four super smart girls and it’s based on steam science technology and that smart is the new cool.  In my opinion smart has always been cool because that’s what’s going to take you places and help you grow, and the main idea of the show is to empower girls and show them that they can be anything they want to be whether it’s a doctor or a scientist; the possibilities are endless and they can still do whatever they want while still keeping their feminine touch.

So in light of the Emmys, what’s your proudest moment from this year?

Being here is my proudest moment. Such an honor…and I have this message for everybody: Sometimes you’re going through a very hard time– like before this we [went] through so many auditions–and sometimes you lose a little bit…that belief in yourself and what I say is “The climb may be difficult but once you’re up there, the view is worth it!” To everybody out there who’s chasing their dreams, don’t give up and keep going for it no matter what. Don’t erase yourself embrace yourself!

Kate Linder:
(Esther Valentine the Maid for the Chancellors on The Young and the Restless)

Cast of The Bay; Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

Cast of The Bay; Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

Kate Linder!!! Such a lovely dress.  Now who are you wearing?

Adrianna Papell.

In light of the Emmys, what’s been your proudest moment of your career would you say?

The proudest moment of my career—period–was receiving my star on the walk of fame [years ago]. But the proudest moment was [getting cast] in Garry Marshall’s film Mother’s Day and that’s opening a week before Mother’s Day. I’ve also been doing a film called The Charnel House. It’ll be out soon!

 What was one of the most outrageous things that happened to your character this year on the soap opera?

It was leaving [my place of employment] the Chancellor House because Colin was hitting on me and Jill didn’t believe me so I left. I moved out and I started working at the coffee house so that was extremely outrageous ‘cause I’ve been at that house for 34 years.

Oh my gosh!

I just had my 34th Anniversary. It’s so hard to believe it’s been that long ‘cause it just seems like yesterday to me; I was only supposed to be there for one day!

Oh my gosh, that’s crazy. There’s another story in there. So what were you hired to do for one day? How did your character originate and what made them change their minds?

I just was on for one day and my first line was something that my family never hears at home: “Dinner is served,” so it was great acting I guess.   They asked me back and in the beginning I didn’t have a name.  Then Jeannie Cooper who played my boss started calling me Esther one day and I responded, and pretty soon other people started calling me that and then the writers started writing it [and then] we had a national contest for the last name—and that’s how Valentine came about. The producers gave me a choice of a few names and one was Diamond and one was Valentine and so I picked Valentine because I was married on Valentine’s Day so I thought it would be a good one!

Christian Ganiere:
(Child Actor-Parker Jonas on Days of Our Lives)

Oh my God, are you the little boy on the Subaru Legacy commercial?

Christian’s Dad— You got your first fan recognition–well maybe not first–but you got A fan recognition from that commercial. And now he’s on Days of our Lives.

You know what’s so funny is you remind me of one of my best friends as a little boy…and guess what HIS name is…CHRISTIAN! So, what’s been one of your favorite moments this year from working on the soap opera?

Don’t tell anyone; this is a secret episode but you’re not supposed to tell anyone ‘cause it’s just coming out, I was eating ice cream with (character who shall remain unnamed so as to prolong the suspense: Like a black bar over the eyes to protect anonymity, consider this a black cow over the so-called ice cream eating name!)

What’s like a really funny thing that happened on set that was a mistake and you had to retake the whole scene?

There was one. This one was so funny.  They had to make me cry ‘cause it was a funeral…and I wanted to cry so bad but I couldn’t… Then I thought, “Hey dad.  Can you tell everyone that’s on Days of Our Lives, I’ll pay $10.00 before we take the scene if they’ll punch me in the face so I’ll cry?” And he said “I don’t think so,” so they did fake tear drops and I was so glad I could cry then!

Nooooo!!! You would have gotten a bruise…and then they all would have been like, “Stop punching yourself in the face Christian! Stop punching yourself!” Well it’s so fun talking to you. You look so dapper in your tie and your handkerchief. You got a designer?

My mom buys Cayven Clown…

Your mom and what?

Dad Steps into correct him—“Calvin Klein”.

Vincent de Paul:
(Actor/Producer on The Bay—Actor Nominee—Father Leoni)

Congratulations! And in light of that congratulations…what would you say is one of your proudest or most stand out moments from this year—aside from your nomination…

Just always getting content that really has great, great story lines about all different types, and I love the freedom of what we do…like in the Daytime Emmy category of what we have in new media, we really have the freedom to show the ranges of these characters… I’m so happy now more and more people can also enjoy it on Amazon Prime.

What would you say is the most outrageous thing that’s happened to your character this year?

Like a gunshot during a wedding.

Ah, as opposed to a gunshot wedding. Did you…did you get hit?


Did somebody else get it?


But you can’t say who.

Ronn Moss killed his father.

Ronn Moss killed his father?!? That is a big deal!  You know Ronn Moss is my twin…

I didn’t know that, but that’s good to know…

Ashlyn Pearce:
(Aly Forrester—Emmy Nominee–The Bold and the Beautiful)

What would you say is one of the proudest moments from your career this year as far as what you’ve accomplished?

Two of the biggest accomplishments was being nominated for a Daytime Emmy of course I mean that’s a huge accomplishment in and of itself and also the fact that I booked another show called Salem off of a self tape that I did…they’d never met me and out of all the people they saw, they liked me the most and they brought me over to Louisiana so it was a huge accomplishment!

Wait, they’re taping a show “Salem” in Louisiana? Is it about witches?

It is actually. It’s basically a take on what would have happened during the Salem witch trials if there actually had been witches. It’s a really cool show. It’s of course a period piece and they built an entire town for their show it’s absolutely amazing so it was an honor to be on that show!

That’s so cool! Is there anyone named Goody on that? Or Dorcas… How ‘bout Dorcas…?


No, okay. So what’s one of the most outrageous things that happened to your character this year on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Well my character never actually did anything physical on the show. She was like the character who believed in waiting until marriage.  So all of her outrageous stuff…she…she had a lot of mental problems.  So I would say the most outrageous thing she probably did was… She actually had enough strength to get a nail in someone’s tire and then she followed them and tried to run them over with her car!

Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

Why’d you put a nail in their tire?

‘Cause the tire needed to blow so that she would pull over so that I could run that character over with my car.

Why’d you need to run the character over with your car?

Because my character had a lot of mental problems and she believed that if she got rid of this one character that her whole life would be better because her mom killed my mom.

Why’d she kill your mom?

Well that was actually an accident. Her mom was drunk driving and accidentally killed my mom on the side of the road but I didn’t see it that way and so I was like, “I’m gonna get revenge, and I’m gonna take this out on YOU!”

So why was your mom drunk driving? That’s pretty irresponsible really… No, no just kidding…let’s go alll the waayyy baack!!!

Beth Maitland:
(Tracy Abbott Connelly on The Young and the Restless)

You’re so chic, you’ve got this chicness about you… But it’s like an organic chic!

You know what I have been accused on more than one occasion of being and earth Mama so I’ll take it!

So what’s one of your proudest moments from this year?

You know, I didn’t do a whole bunch of work on the show this year. I was thrilled to be there for all kinds of fun adventures, but I think my proudest moment might be this coming Sunday (for the Daytime Emmy Awards). I’m here tonight to support my lifelong friend Tracy Bregman.  We started together thirty three or four years ago.  She was nominated for best leading lady… …and she and I were the first actresses to win Emmys for The Young and the Restless thirty some odd years ago…  So my great moment for the year will be this Sunday—no winners, no losers, everyone is still winning that is still on television and still a part of daytime!

That is so cool and it must be such a really cool thing of, “I don’t go to an office every day for 30 years, I have a character. I have a second life and we go on all these, like you said, adventures.”

Well you save a bunch of money on therapy.

And you GO THERE which is key. In light of that, what would you say is one of the most memorable, arresting or outrageous thing that has happened to your character this year?

Well we were just talking about it out front. My favorite moment of like heritage viewing is my fight in the hospital with Ms. Tracy Bregman.  We both were after the same man, my husband, and she was after him and she had sex with him and he had a heart attack! So we’re in the hospital waiting room having a knock down drag out fight over…my husband and someone just sent it to us on YouTube this week to celebrate all the fun of the Emmy week so that probably was one of my historic moments!

Gregori Martin:
(Producer and Creator of The Bay)

So how’s things going with The Bay?  I haven’t had a chance to keep up with what’s going on.

Well we were nominated for five Emmys so we’re very excited about that.

And now you’re on Amazon Prime.

We’re moving to Amazon… and some new daytime stars have joined the show for some new special episodes we’re shooting in May.

(L-R) Kristoff St. John and Kate Linder; Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

(L-R) Kristoff St. John and Kate Linder; Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

That’s so cool. And what was one of the most outrageous turns that the script took this year would you say?

That’s a really good question and if I were allowed to answer it, I would but we brought somebody in that’s a really big heavy hitter in the Soap Opera community…and I don’t know if I’m allowed to say who she is but she’s amazing.

Actress or writer?

Behind the scenes. Everybody in the industry knows her and she’s pretty amazing. I’ve always been a fan of her work, so to have the opportunity to be working with her on a creative level–and also she’s got such a great vision–it’s a dream come true.

Wow. Has it changed the look of the show in any way?

It’s going to yeah. It’s definitely going to change the feel of the show a lot.  She’s great at pulling on the heart strings, so I think she’s bringing a lot of those elements to the show.

Kristoff St. John:
(Nominated for his Role of Neil Winters—The Young and the Restless)

So what was one of your proudest moments for 2015?

I’d have to say it was two episodes in particular. One that I did submit and which was the blind reveal where Neil drinks for the first time in a long time; he understands that he’s been cheated on by his wife and his son has betrayed him; both of whom he had fantastic relationships with. And there was an episode where he sees them for the first time; he gets his vision back, that’s the first thing he sees. Then he pretends like he’s still blind and he interrogates every member of the family, and it was for me some of the best work I did because it was very subtle. It wasn’t over the top stuff, but I don’t think it was for the voters, I think it was for me personally some of the better work for the year. I felt compelled to use a family tragedy to put the work out there—it was very sad stuff… But it’s hard for me to really judge my own work. I always get insecure “Should I use that…should I use that…?”  No. And I’ve gotta be honest with you about one thing, I can’t stand watching the work. I can’t. And when it comes right down to it, I’ll watch the Emmy reels, I’ll go through it and I’ll pick myself apart and say, “Why’d I do this?  Why didn’t I do that?” and that’s specifically why I don’t watch it because I don’t want to observe…and say “Hey why didn’t I smile like this?”

And with that note from one of the most venerable of the venerables—all in all a most enlightening red carpeted, star studded evening!

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