YouTube’s Styxhexenhammer666: A Darkly Illuminating Force of Reason to Be Reckoned With!

Styxhexenhammer666 conjures up all manner of darkly esoteric allusions of sorcery involving Thor’s steely mallet (similarly referenced by Led Zeppelin in their aptly named biobook “Hammer of the Gods”–but decidedly NOT so analogously cited by Peter, Paul, and Mary in their canticle lamenting an existing dearth of said accoutrements), Satanism (naturally), witchcraft, all things otherworldly and under-worldly and a certain river in which uh…Mr. Roboto never bathed!

Well, Styxhexenhammer666 covers all of this, to a greater or lesser degree, on his categorically arresting and thought-provoking channel dedicated to all things presently
political, reverently irreverent, and communally horticultural!

A distinctly masculine (albeit bespectacled) answer to both Morticia and Wednesday Addams alike, this subtly Sam the Eagle countenanced spokesman for all things occultish, pagan, politically pragmatic, and downright Satanic is just what the doctor ordered as a refreshing antidote to all the self-proclaimed “outside-the-box thinkers” currently overtaking YouTube, many of whom just happen to be Christians:  Fundamentalist fearmongering Revelatory Christians, to be precise!!!  A far cry from crying wolf pertaining to anything world ending or rending, this vastly educated, slightly erudite voice of reason debunks half the stereotypes of Occultic/Satanic lore and reframes any and all misconceptions one might possess pertaining possession itself and more purportedly dark belief systems from the arcane to archaic.

Raised a casual Christian attending church only on Christmas and Easter, he would go on to be born again in all fundamentalist fabulousness, then observe agnosticism, then atheism, then athiestic Satanism and land as an Occultic Pagan/self-proclaimed “Apatheist” in this current crossing and incarnation of his credence. And though he appears to bash God in many a video, he has specified numerous times over that the Godly incarnation of reference primarily encompasses that of the angry Christian Biblical God: i.e. that of the old testament. “I can find Gods that I agree with insofar as the philosophy behind them goes…Zeus is fine. Zeus is rapacious and apparently turns into a swan constantly and has sex with people…that’s a little weird–the bestial aspect of it.  Otherwise I guess he’s all right…  Odin’s fine, although he did crucify himself on a tree at one point to learn how to speak in runes…little bit of a forerunner of Christiandom there…”

An ostensible libertarian, the Vermont-based pundit levels criticism primarily where it is due on both sides of the political spectrum, all the while acknowledging a need for more cowbell in contrarianism, and further questioning of conformity.

An avid bibliofile who has inhaled The Bible five times, reveling in its tales, along with a plethora of varying and sundry other religious canons, grimoires and academic literature galore, his other interests appear to include music, current events/politics, tea (which he seems to be enjoying in just about every other video—or perhaps it’s a hot toddy of some sort), wine, weeding, gardening and kitties!!! (And if you’re not too keen on politics, religion or anti-religion, for that matter, he’s made a good deal of said gardening videos to boot which may just include the cameo of a kitten or two or at the very least, something floral and pretty!)

My emotions, (whilst watching said recorded creations) range from amusement, bemusement, frustration (particularly when he bashes socialism as I would think he would be above waxing so reactionary regarding such a Machiavellian right wing touted buzz word), relief, and utter fascination!

My first favorite video encompasses God is Evil filmed with the ever elegant yet inconsistently clumsy Cleopatra the cat in most contrapuntal style as can be heard, “Okay Kitty…I got yer foot…I got yer foot…” Whilst bursting any and all biblical bubbles, he assists the fuzzy creature in mounting his body to attain a comfortable sitz position alighting his left shoulder, inevitably resembling a furry beakless parrot to his Jack Sparrow– (Aye aye me hearties!) (OR our human video host might resemble a rather funktified, hirsute version of Frank OZ sporting the most adorable of feline Muppets.) (Or…or the cat might represent either a furry, pointy-eared angel or a devil bereft of alternately shouldered adversary…until she gets bored and jumps down with no assistance required in podiatric support from our otherwise equilibrium-wielding host about halfway through!)

The Christian Religion is Based on Lies utilizes concrete facts and illustrations as to why certain books of the Bible hold no historical water, Holy or otherwise. “All of the gospels are second hand or third hand material that was compiled after the fact by people who knew people who knew Jesus.”

I Would Reject the Christian God Even if Believers Could Prove He Existed is another categorically arresting rant. “I’m not talking about the liberal Christians with their saved by grace kind of [mentality],” he will repeatedly clarify.  Again, this is primarily and almost always pertaining to the evangelical Christians who:  “[Even if they could prove I could achieve salvation from such a being] I would rather take that punishment…and roast in the flames alongside the devil and demons clawing at my flesh, slamming me into meat hooks and putting me into furnaces and sodomizing me with cactuses and all this other stuff I guess they imagine happens in this mystical realm where I guess you must have a physical body [otherwise] you can’t feel pain…or maybe you’re a ghost of some sort or a cyborg, I don’t really know…”

Additional videos worth watching include: Another rant on Christianity, The Truth about Organized Religion, New Age Morality and New Religious Movements, The Sumerian Origins of Judaism and Christianity, The War on Christians?, I want to Believe: Extra Terrestrials, UFOs, Alien Life and my ultimate eyebrow-raising favorite, Raising your Child the Satanic Way.  Some of his socio-political opining I could do without, particularly regarding the European Union which does not seem to merit any sort of nod one way or the other under the auspices of said topic, but at about 11:00 minutes in, the banter waxes especially compelling and remains very well articulated until the end of the piece.

For more information and to watch Styxhexenhammer666’s videos, please visit:

Disclaimer:  The author does not have any tortoises or hares in any religious or non-religious race but believes in the right to free speech, open-mindedness, examination, exploration, circumspection, and hearing all sides.  The above piece was primarily inspired by her frustration at the current and seeming overtaking of YouTube by fundamentalist, Evangelical, literalist, Born Again Christians.

Jennifer K. Hugus

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Jennifer K. Hugus was born at a very young age. At an even earlier age, she just knew she would one day write for the LA Beat! Having grown up in Massachusetts, France, and Denmark, she is a noted fan of Asian Cuisine. She studied ballet at the Royal Danish Ballet Theatre and acting at U.S.C. in their prestigious BFA drama program. She also makes her own jewelry out of paints and canvas when she isn’t working on writing absurdist plays and comparatively mainstream screenplays. Jennifer would like to be a KID when she grows up!
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