Faulkner Rocks the KMPG Center Helipad in a Private Performance in DTLA!


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On a Saturday evening for Memorial Day weekend, my friend Bonnie and I were escorted to the top of the KPMG Center building’s helipad to witness a special and private video presentation of Faulkner performing songs from their new release Ravenchist, hosted by KCRW DJ Jason Bentley. The Santa Monica-based bicoastal band, composed of members Lucas Asher, Eric Scullin, Dimitri Farougias and Christian Hogan, stood on this precipice dressed in their Rock and Roll finery poised to perform with a mighty lighting presence to add a lot of pow to this video presentation. But before the shooting started in earnest, Jason Bentley moved to the mic to introduce Faulkner in grand fashion. Faulkner was then ready to hit their marks and make their moves.

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Faulkner was tight and on point as they launched into their highly energized set. Faulkner has a big sound with production that has an 80s sensibility about it with an ephemeral touch of The Strokes. They are an active band with Lucas Asher bringing a lot of stage presence to their presentation with broad body movements and dramatic postures. They knew their material well, pounding out each song in real-time that made the experience more like a concert and less like a video production. The light show was impressive and highlighted Faulkner’s energy. Their set touched on these songs “These Kids Nowadays”, “All I Wear Is Black”, “Revolutionary” and a new unreleased song “Halo Me”. From a production standpoint the lighting on the helipad made for a stunning presentation and the performance of the songs were spot on solid Rockers!

Faulkner is a band to watch with quality production credits from JP Bowersock (The Strokes), Mark Needham (The Killers) and RZA (Wu Tang Clan). You should keep your eyes peeled for this upcoming video release of this special live performance from these Electro-Indie Rockers!

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