The 4th Annual Coaster Show at La Luz de Jesus


Tomorrow night, La Luz de Jesus Gallery launches its 4th Annual Coaster Show, revealing nearly 1000 pieces of art made on 4″ tondo coasters. The opening reception is from 8-11pm at the gallery, which is located inside the Soap Plant/Wacko complex. The free exhibit will run through October 2nd.


“Carving Friends” – Sol Luongo

These little masterpieces from around 300 artists include mixed media sculptures (that are still somehow on a coaster!), as well as paintings and sketches, each one priced at $250 or less. A preview of the pieces is available here, with artists including: Arpine Keurjikian, Mono Cieza, Sol Luongo, Mikel Samson, Garcia Reign, and Michelle Armitage.


“Embrace Your Demons” – Mikel Samson

As the Facebook event notes, La Luz de Jesus offers a pre-sale on an artist’s full set of coasters to anyone who has bought an original work of art from the gallery this year. You can get in touch with the gallery tonight after 8pm. Single coaster sales will be available beginning at the reception tomorrow.

Founded in 1986 by Billy Shire, “the Peggy Guggenheim of Lowbrow” (JUXTAPOZ Magazine), La Luz de Jesus Gallery has a new exhibit opening on the first Friday of each month, celebrating underground art and counter-culture.

Images courtesy of La Luz de Jesus

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