AFI Film Festival Premiere of “Rules Don’t Apply” Produced by Warren Beatty

AFI after party (All photos by Rachel Ganz for The LA Beat)

AFI after party (All photos by Rachel Ganz for The LA Beat)

Last night the AFI Festival presented a wonderful film called “Rules Dont Apply,” produced and directed by Warren Beatty.

The story takes place in Hollywood in 1958. It’s apparently a true story about Howard Hughes–his life, and his unscrupulous ways of collecting beautiful young want-to-be girls. It’s about Howard Hughes’ attraction for young actresses, and how he took advantage of them in many ways.

Warren Beatty plays the reclusive Howard Hughes very well, the talented Annette Bening plays the mother of a beautiful young girl, Marla Mabrey, a devout Baptist virgin from a small town. Actress Lily Collins easily inhabits the role of the beautiful young actress.

The plot also involves a tangled love story between Marla and her driver, Frank Forbes, played by Alden Ehrenreich. Complications arise, and their religious beliefs are challenged by the seamy world of Hollywood and their interactions with Mr. Howard Hughes.

The film is well-executed, romantic, exciting, and definitely worth your time.

I was fortunate enough to meet Producer/Actor Warren Beatty, and actors Annette Bening, Lily Collins, and Alden Ehrenreich at the after party. The were charming and friendly to all of the guests at the elegant Roosevelt Hotel.

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