Donny Most’s “C’est Si Bon” and “Swinging Down the Chimney Tonight” Provide for Early Christmas Cheer and Delight

Photo Courtesy of BHBPR

Photo Courtesy of BHBPR

For those of you enamored by swing music, expect not only an early Christmas present this year but an even earlier post Halloween treat/untimely stocking stuffer to boot! The delightful duet in question: a completely fresh and dynamic song, “C’est Si Bon” from one of our prominent contemporary songbook artists himself: Mr. Donny Most! Released in conjunction with Summit records, said track, available for digital download today, November 1st, also makes its bonus presence known on Most’s much awaited Christmas album Swinging Down the Chimney Tonight, set for formal physical release in the month of December, but available for all the early (song)birds on iTunes also beginning November 1st!

But wait, there’s more! “C’est si Bon” is officially a part of Most’s Mostly Swinging CD to be unveiled on February 14th!

From its catchy, staccato, buoyantly brass-clad commencement “C’est si Bon” (yes I was privileged enough to get a sneak peek—or would that be listen?) to its smooth crooning amorous declarations betwixt Mr. Most and Becky Martin, your enjoyment will immediately skyrocket beyond  “bon” and magnify right up to “Magnifique” in a g force of palpably unseen g clefs!!! Oh, and as to the soft and lilting piano in the background, let’s just say the ivories sound beyond tickled just to be there…

As for Swinging Down the Chimney Tonight, it is so bodaciously big band that even if your neighbors cop the proverbial scrooge stance, there’s a chance they will be none the wiser as to said album’s seasonality! (Provided they are not closely stalking you and there is a wall separating the two of you in order to muffle any festively suggestive lyrics, but even still, musically speaking, they would most likely dig it all the same!) Comprising everything from “Man with a Bag” to “Santa Baby,” the album is the perfect mix of the sassily spirited to the serene! “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas” fits the particular bill for any and all “peace on earth” posturing as Most’s smooth and velvety voice on this more mellow rendition, make me feel instantly and utterly musically massaged. (No joke, it is a full-on mellifluous muscle relaxer!) In contrast “Santa Baby” (also featuring Becky Martin) sounds almost boldly burlesque with…do I detect just a hint of suggestive conga zest?!? Oh and lest we forget “The Christmas Song”… Not only is it one of my favorites, but Mr. Most’s version in particular pacifies me with his cherry-pipe-smoke crooning, moreover brings just a slight tear to my eye—Oh yes, yes just a little…

Yeah, lo, and hark!–By November 1st you get to hear it all!  So put aside the cookies and milk for the kids, procure Santa’s email address and send him some links before he sashays by your house this holiday season as follows:

To access your very own sneak preview of “C’est si Bon” off Donny Most’s Mostly Swinging album on or after November 1st, please visit:

To start groovin’ out early to the Holidays more than anyone probably has a right, (but in a more festively forgiving fashion than most as the music is just so doggone grand and universally big bandish) come November 1st you may also digitally access Swinging Down the Chimney Tonight at:

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