The Devil, You Say! A Fundraiser for The Satanic Temple of Los Angeles

Image by Paul Koudounaris

Image by Paul Koudounaris

January 14, Das Bunker and The Satanic Temple present “Satanic Mass,” an evening of music, dance, ritual, and tales of possessed felines. Starting at 7pm, the night will include an “Invocation Ritual” with live music by 3teeth, a Destruction Ritual with live music by: Author & Punisher, a Bloodletting Ritual by the all-female art collective, Coven of Ashes, featuring live music/noise sculpture from members of Skinny Puppy, OHGR, Cyrus Rec and Sister Calypso.

You will also enjoy music by The Lumarians, live painting by Mister Sam, Comedy by Satanic Politiocian, Steve Hill, DJ Sets by Rev.John and Gregg Foreman. For us, the highlight of the night’s entertainment will be a lecture on Demonic Cats by our favorite scholar, Dr. Paul Koudounaris. He provided the following lesson plan:

While we think of cats as domestic friends, the Christian attitude towards them has historically been quite different. For hundreds of years they were considered vermin at best, and in the worst case scenario, witches’ familiars and potential diabolic servants. Demonologists believed cats to be the most likely animal to be possessed, and scores of stories survive which claim that such felines performed heinous acts of sacrilege and even worse–in some cases–murder. Cat lovers will greatly enjoy this lecture, while cat haters will enjoy it even more, since it will confirm what they have always suspected.

General admission is $15. There is a VIP ticket for $66.6 which includes entry plus  unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures, as well as your choice of a golden fiddle, boots full of gold coins, a Johnson and Frobish ice lolly or mastery of the blues guitar. (VIP perks may be revoked due to obscure technicalities). 18+, because that’s the legal age to sign contracts. Get your tickets now!

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  1. Jeff Purcell says:

    is Paul’s cat picture for sale? I like it very much!!

  2. Ed says:

    I’ve always thought satanic rituals were all dark and mysterious. Never thought that make a festival out of it. Now I’m expecting for a “Sacrifice the goat to the beat of some satanist dub-step” event next.

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