Black Metal Acts Travel to the Motherland in “Blackhearts”

Blackhearts,” available now on DVD, Digital and VOD, is a documentary from Gammaglimt Productions that follows three Black Metal musicians and/or their bands, who travel to Norway from their home countries to perform at festivals and meet their idols. The movie won Best International Documentary at the Sound On Screen Film Festival 2016 and the Grand Jury Honorable Mention at Nordic/Docs 2016 in Fredrikstad, Norway. The featured musicians are Sina from Iran, who risks his life by performing Black Metal even out of the country; Hector and his band Luciferian from Colombia, who are committed to worshiping Satan; and the band Naer Mataron from Greece, who struggle to separate their music from member Kaiadas’s notoriety as an extreme right-wing politician. Check out the trailer above.

Simone Snaith

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