Alison Arngrim to Host First “Indomitable Spirit” Panel, Featuring Special Guests Reverend Steve Pieters and Jody Vaclav

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Ever wonder after the meaning of the word “Indomitable”? Ever muse as to whether or not you are, or could become such a superlative? Well on Saturday, June 24th, you may just have the opportunity to divine the answer to said above inquiry as Alison Arngrim hosts Indomitable Spirit, a first of its kind meeting and panel discussion exploring the ever-resilient and tenacious character of the human soul and psyche!

Featuring talks by Reverend Steve Pieters and Jody Vaclav, this moving and contemplative afternoon is sure to stir, inspire, and cause great rumination!

An AIDS survivor, Reverend Steve Pieters has turned his diagnosis around several times over into an upward spiral of opportunity and accomplishment! Having tested positive back in the 1980s, Pieters was informed he only had months to live. Pieters, however, is not only still merely existing—HE’S ALIVE!!!—And still dancing!  Since the defeated months’ assured diagnosis, Pieters has served on the Boards of directors of AIDS Project Los Angeles, the AIDS Interfaith Council of Southern California, the AIDS National Interfaith Network (USA), and the first Los Angeles City/County AIDS Task Force. He was also Field Director to the AIDS Ministry of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches from 1987 to 1997. In light of all his experiences and accomplishments, along with a desire for educating the community (both gay and straight) regarding the AIDS virus, Reverend Pieters has penned a succession of articles for Journey Magazine. These, along with other writings, have been amassed and converted into a collection all their own via the likes of Reverend Pieters’ original book: I’m Still Dancing!

Jody Vaclav, a set designer for Wheel of Fortune, possesses an equally riveting tale all her own.  Having suffered a stroke, she was informed she would never speak again. Not only did she relearn speech, but utilized it to write, orate and star in her very own one woman play entitled Inside Out-A One Person Show in Two Persons. In it, she takes us on her journey, having commenced some thirty odd years ago, in her quest to transition from Joe to Jody. To this day, Vaclav is a mentor and inspiration to all who seek the solidity of identity and the foundation of faith in self.

Alison Arngrim, TV’s most boasted “bad girl”, by way of her erstwhile role as Nellie Oleson of Little House on the Prairie fame, is our hospitable host. Harboring a host of tales all her own, she too has penned a classic chronicle to be reckoned with in the form of Confessions of a Prairie Bitch which will be available for sale along with Indomitable Spirit T-Shirts, tote bags, and the latest in all that is holistic, halcyon and healing: the new Indomitable Spirit scented candle!

Refreshments will also be available.

Indomitable Spirit will be held on Saturday June 24th from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the Woman’s Club of Hollywood, 1749 North La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90046.

Tickets are a mere $20.00 but can be obtained for $15.00 if purchased in advance:

For more information on Indomitable Spirit, please visit:

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