Happy Birthday Ringo! Peace And Love Under A Blazing Sun

Whew!  If you like your celebrities well-done, then today’s global Peace And Love bash was just your kind of celebration.  Of course I’m talking about Ringo Starr’s annual birthday celebration right in front of the Capitol building.   Temperatures were hovering around the century mark by noon, when Ringo counted down, flashed his trademark peace sign, and yelled “Peace And Love!” along with the hundreds of gathered fans.  His usual posse was on hand to help him celebrate, including but not limited to Edgar Winter, Jim Keltner, Joe Walsh, Richard Lewis, and one of my favorite bassists/producers Don Was.

The first thing on my mind (other than getting a bottle of ice-cold water and seeking shade) was what was going on with that new Rolling Stones album that Don is producing, so I let the others all make a fuss over Ringo and company while I found Was all alone and eager to talk. In his words “the album sounds great and is still in production” after which he told me I should hear it.  Of course I jumped at the chance, but from what I hear, the Stones camp is keeping details of this new album under the tightest security.

A bit later on in the day, the heat got to Ringo and he tossed his cookies….to the crowd.  Yes, wristbands were tossed out along with a special cookie marking the occasion.  If we ever have a food emergency, I’m stocked with bottled water and Ringo cookies from 2015, 2016, and today.  The big thrill for me this year was running into Mimi Chen of 100.3’s The Sound, host of what else other than “Peace, Love, and Sunday Mornings”.  How could this event ever have taken place without her?  Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll get to hear Ringo on her show in the near future, I mean they’re a perfect match, right?

Capitol Records as always knows how to put on a party, and I never tire of covering events there and speaking with the many artists who help contribute to their legacy.  That’s all for now folks.

Ivor Levene

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