Here Comes The Sun – The Return of Peace, Love, and Sundays

There are a few things that the city of Los Angeles just cannot function without; The 405, eternal sunshine, and the voice of Mimi Chen coming out of the radio on Sundays.  Fortunately, we don’t have to live without them for long.  We’ve had “Carmageddon”, we have the occasional rainy day, and for the past few months, we’ve had no Mimi.

A few months ago, 100.3 changed formats and a key part of our city was silenced.  The airwaves haven’t been the same since.  Many of us have had to resort to satellite radio, MP3 players, and whatever else we could find to try to fill the gap.  In the end though, the gap cannot be filled, because Mimi and her contemporaries fill in the spaces between the songs, and provide valuable and entertaining commentary. Disc Jockeys are a soothing voice, a virtual friend, and everything that makes radio compelling.

Tomorrow marks the return of Mimi’s show; Peace, Love, and Sundays to the airwaves, courtesy of 88.5 in Los Angeles.  Thankfully, this city did not have to lose this priceless asset to another locale.  Mimi will be back on the air from 1pm to 3pm, and will hopefully never leave us again!

Please tune in and help support your local radio.  Without the listeners, it’s just not the same!

As a postscript to the story, I always make a point of not placing myself in it for obvious reasons, but  I have to say that Mimi isn’t just someone who I hear on the the radio, she’s a friend, a mentor, a hero, a cancer survivor, a parent, and above all, a lady with a killer knowledge of music.  Mimi will be my date at Ringo’s upcoming birthday party because I can think of no one more deserving.  Mimi has a smile that lights up every room she walks into.  You know you are around greatness when you stand near her.

Ivor Levene

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Ivor Levene likes to interview musicians, write about music and musicians, play music, listen to music, read about music, photograph musicians, and anything else you can think of with music. He has been involved with the music scene for over thirty years and his posts have appeared all over the place! Ivor says "I'm going to write about music as long as I have something to say".
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5 Responses to Here Comes The Sun – The Return of Peace, Love, and Sundays

  1. Nancy S. says:

    So happy for Mimi! Such a great show! I’m on the East Coast and try to listen when I can. Was so so sad when The Sound went away. It is my hope that all of the great DJs from The Sound land gigs as perfect as this! Best of luck to Mimi and to 88.5! And have fun at Ringo’s birthday bash!

    • Greg cummings says:

      Nancy I know how you feel. My wife thought I was crazy but I wouldn’t leave on the last few days of The Sound. It was extremely sad because they really were more than just DJs..they were and ARE friends …✌

  2. Tina Valdez says:

    what a beautiful tribute to Mimi. Sundays have not been the same and I am beyond thrilled I get to hear her voice and spend a few hours in sheer bliss. Thanks you for summarizing what We felt about losing the Sound and our Mimi.

  3. Greg cummings says:

    Thank you sooo much for the information. I live on Florida now and you are about the only way I can updates. This is terrific news and I will try and find it streaming on my computer. There many aspects of Cali that I miss and MIMI is right there at the top. ✌ ? and Mimi

  4. Ed Simon Ed Simon says:

    Even though I moved away from LA six months ago, I kept my internet radio tuned to The Sound. It was a tough last day, listening to the stories from everyone as they counted down to the 1pm changeover deadline. Mimi, of course, was one of them who I always listened to and I am thrilled for a few reasons. One, because I always loved her show and made an effort to listen.

    The other reason, is finding out what happened to 88.5. You see, in the early 70’s, that was one of the stations I listened to, along with the Mighty MET. I listened to the 3 to 5 Show every day when I got home from high school. I also called in song requests several times a week, getting known to the Music Director Paul Markoe. Getting known so much, in fact, that when the Music Programmer for the Wednesday 3 to 5 Show had to leave, he asked me to take the position. I spent my last year of HS driving over to CSUN on Wednesdays to do the music programming, which I also did for my first year as a student at CSUN. My second year as a Radio TV Film Major, I was asked because of my jazz knowledge to do the Sunday Morning Jazz Show, which I did with fellow student Fred Stern as my announcer. Those days at KCSN were wonderful. In my 3rd year, KCSN changed to a Country music format and I was gone.

    After that, KCSN kept changing formats and I stopped paying attention to it. Thus it is with joy that you’ve told me that KCSN is again a rock station. And all the better, with Mimi Chen continuing to bring her talent to LA. Rock on, Mimi Chen and KCSN!

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