Esteemed Hollywood Historian and Matriarch Donelle Dadigan Appointed to California Film Commission

Donelle Dadigan; Photo Courtesy of DC Publicity

In January 2018 Hollywood Matriarch, Entertainment Industry Advocate, and Independent Donelle Dadigan had another notch to add to her belt by way of her most recent appointment to the California Film Commission.  President and founder of the Hollywood Museum, Dadigan is no stranger to the ins and outs of any and all Hollywood machinations from production to pageantry, and also proudly serves as chairman of the Hollywood Historic Trust. Additionally, she is a steadfast associate of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences along with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and varying and sundry other establishments.

Dadigan’s promotion was proclaimed this week by California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de Leon (D – Los Angeles) and Chair of the Senate Rules committee via declared new Rules Committee appointees.

The California Film Commission promotes film production in California and caters to all sizes and budgets; all the while fostering assistance with locations by way of a far-reaching digital location library, complimentary permit allowances, and all manner of production support. In addition, the film commission also oversees the state’s Film & Television Tax Credit Program and advises the Legislature and Governor on all matters surrounding the motion picture industry.

Dadigan is in good company and is joined by the following appointees: David Steinhart, (D –Marin), Monica Fitzgerald (D- Contra Costa), Guy Leemhis (D-Riverside), Felicia Scruggs (D- Contra Costa), The Honorable Luis Chavez (D – Fresno), Ali Tweini (D- Los Angeles), Barry Broad (D- Sacramento), Sejal Choksi-Chugh (D – Contra Costa), Teresa Alvarado (D – Santa Clara), The Honorable Ricardo Lara (D – Bell Gardens), Debbie Manning (D- Sacramento), Joshua Pertula (D- Los Angeles), and Pamela Ling (D-San Fransisco).

Dadigan will serve on the California Film Commission until January 2020.


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  1. Kudos! We must retain Hollywood history to truly understand film, television and new media today.

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