Rock Gods: Robert Knight Photography Exhibit And Book

Photo: Robert Knight

Here’s a great book for your collection if you’re into rock photography–Rock Gods by Robert Knight. Knight is one of the photographers in my holy triumverate of lensmen who have been there. I mean, really been there. When I say “been there,” of course I’m referring to having shot Led Zeppelin. Knight was “unlucky” to have grown up in Hawaii, “unless you were into the sun or water, it was a boring place,” and through his contacts ended up being the pre-eminent photographer there. Knight shot everyone who came to his island paradise, he had a virtual monopoly. His first concert shoot was Jimi Hendrix, and he’s worked with just about everyone you can think of, from Zeppelin, to Jeff Beck, to Eric Clapton.

Have you ever wondered who the lucky photographer is who shot all those larger-than-life photos that adorn the outsides of Guitar Center? I did, and envied the hell out of whomever that person was. It turns out, it was Robert Knight, and in the book he recounts the story of how the entire Rockwalk and photo series started. There are lots of great stories in the book, including the story behind the photo pictured here. Knight was the last photographer to shoot Stevie Ray Vaughan, and there’s a very poignant story there too.  All in all, the book is a great read with some very intimate photos.

A few weeks ago, Knight exhibited his photos here in Los Angeles at the Mr. Musichead gallery in Hollywood, which is fittingly situated right across the street from the Hollywood Guitar Center. This was one of the most impressive gallery showings I’ve seen in a while, but unfortunately, I did not get to spend any time with Mr. Knight as he was inundated with friends and fans alike. I did happen to run into my favorite bass player, Tony Franklin, whom I’ve admired for decades and have written about on a few occasions. Tony has spent some time in front of Knight’s lens as a member of The Firm. Knight is currently on the road with the exhibit and (for all my Toronto readers) you can catch the exhibit on March 22nd at The Liss Gallery in Yorkville. For more information on Robert Knight, please visit his website here.

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  1. Monique A. LeBleu says:

    I always wondered who that photographer was. I wonder if the book will make it to Skylight or Wacko?

  2. Ivor Levene Ivor Levene says:

    There’s a story behind the story of that photo. In the book, it’s explained how he got the photo. I believe that Zeppelin were on the run from their record company or something, so they hopped a plane to Hawaii with the masters.

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