watt’s picture of the week – monday, march 19, 2018

the old gerald desmond bridge on the starboard, the replacement going up is on the port

when I first came to my pedro town from virginia, the gerald desmond bridge was just about to go up and replace a pontoon bridge that connected long beach w/terminal island via the east (we got the vincent thomas bridge to connect us). now that pontoon bridge was meant to be there only six months but instead that turned into twentyfour years, I shit thee not. anyway, fifty years after that and that replacement developed problems so here goes new replacement w/the same name that’ll hopefully strong enough for all the traff and high enough for these new giant can boats. that’s alright in my book: you get knocked down, get back up – better than trying to bullshit your way out of it. I think this is gonna be a real pretty one, a cable-stayed span type bridge. respect.

photo by mike watt

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