Pole Show LA is Saturday May 12th: An Exciting Night of Aerial Arts and Pole Dancing!

Pole Show LA – Photo by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

Pole Show LA is an extension of Leigh Ann Reilly of Be Spun’s vision to facilitate an accomplished troop of athletically gifted creatives to perform and entertain using Pole Dancing as their medium of artistic expression, using the beauty of the human form in aerial and acrobatic performances. Reilly describes Pole Show LA as “Cirque du Soleil meets the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.” These are glamorously themed and exquisitely executed dance performances that light up the eyes and fire up the imagination.

Having been to one of the Pole Show LA performances a couple of years back, Pole Show LA at The Avalon: What Did That Look Like?, the show is visually stimulating, the choreography is stunning, and the performances exemplify the highest order of athletic ability. Every sold-out show is an unrivaled night of entertainment with performances in aerial arts and pole dance, showcasing the sexiness, strength and showmanship of dozens of top performers on a rock concert stage!

Pole Show has garnered a great deal of international exposure over the last year. Reilly was booked by Philipp Plein to choreograph and cast a show of 30 pole dancers for Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, featuring many Pole Show LA past and present performers. After performing in Las Vegas at the House of Blues back in September, she is “thrilled to bring it back to where it all began, here in LA. Reilly says, “It’s a show unlike any other, I like to call it the ‘Super Bowl of Pole Dance.’ It’s a perfect fit for the exciting Hollywood entertainment scene.”

Pole Show LA will be at the Avalon Hollywood on Saturday, May 12, 2018, for one night only! Pole Show LA starts at 8:00 p.m., with doors opening at 7:00. Tickets to Pole Show LA range in price from $49 to $249 for a premium VIP seat with champagne. The Avalon Hollywood is located at 1735 Vine Street in Los Angeles. Don’t miss this spectacular night of aerial art and entertainment!

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