Jimmy Jazz: Jazz Flutist of Hollywood — Serves Song and Snack Stealth Style!!!

Photos by Jennifer K. Hugus for The Los Angeles Beat

At the dawning of the Age of August’s end and the inception of September, the Hollywood Hills Senior Center (aka Hollywood Royale Guest Home) was alive with the Sound of Music with songs uh … no one has ever sung ‘cause they had no lyrics and encompassed that of the jazz flute! Hosted and mosted by Jimmy Jazz himself the silver wielding songbird arrived promptly at 2:00 p.m. to deliver pizza, donated all too enthusiastically by Fresh Brothers. Included in the mix: donuts, but none for the diabetics thank you, as ensured by cohorts of clinical staff and practical nurses, to the denizens of the noted convalescent habitat, to subsequent music, and mirth-making.

An inspired speck in the eye of the musician for more than a fortnight, it is Jazz’s intention to bring harmony and home-cookin’ (at least from establishments in the noted local neighborhood of the Bronson Canyon seniors) to seniors and those in need of upliftment.

Sponsored by loved, local, and long-time enterprises such as The Oaks Gourmet, Bronson Boutique, The Pet Press, Fresh Brothers Pizza (natch) and the all-too venerable and visionary Counterpoint Records and Books, Jazz hopes that his first into many forays of festive g clef-filled guerilla giftings is here to last!

Meanwhile, be looking for a mutineer musical performance to come to a community center, senior rec hall or town hall meeting near you … (or far) … sooner or later: The exact tenor (sax or otherwise) of said stealth song slinging and snack sponsoring!

Jennifer K. Hugus

About Jennifer K. Hugus

Jennifer K. Hugus was born at a very young age. At an even earlier age, she just knew she would one day write for the LA Beat! Having grown up in Massachusetts, France, and Denmark, she is a noted fan of Asian Cuisine. She studied ballet at the Royal Danish Ballet Theatre and acting at U.S.C. in their prestigious BFA drama program. She also makes her own jewelry out of paints and canvas when she isn’t working on writing absurdist plays and comparatively mainstream screenplays. Jennifer would like to be a KID when she grows up!
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