Things we Loved this Week 4/12/19

This trailer for The Dead Don’t Die Coming out in June, this Jim Jarmisch zombie film has an amazing cast including Bill Murray, Iggy Pop, Carol Kane, Rosie Perez, Danny Glover, Selena Gomez, Tilda Swinton, Steve Buscemi, and Chloë Sevigny. The actors seem a little wooden in this clip, but maybe it will be comic in context. (Elise Thompson)

The Act. This true crime-based story of a mother and daughter is so good! But weird, creepy, sad. But beautifully acted! Excellent visual compositions, too, with colors like Jordan almonds – fantasy pinks, enchanted greens, innocent blues and punch purple. It’s like a captured unicorn. What a series! I like it so much I can’t even wait to binge-watch – I’m dedicated each week to watching each installment. And the story gets stranger and more believable each episode. Patricia Arquette is so convincing! On HULU.  (Lucretia Tye Jasmine)

Thriller. If I’m being honest, most of the recent attempts to revive the anthology format for television have felt underdone – wan ideas, bland execution, no payoffs. So if your small screen diet is leaning towards short, sharp and shocking, may I suggest the British series “Thriller”? Created and largely written by Brian Clemens (“The Avengers” – the ’60s spy series, not Marvel), the program aired in the UK and US (albeit in slightly edited form) between 1973 and 1976, and focused on dark deeds committed in and around the Home Counties. Murder, deception and double crosses were most frequently on the menu, though on occasion, “Thriller” dipped into supernatural waters (black magic in “Someone at the Top of the Stars”). Though shot on videotape, production values are top-shelf: the creepy score is by Laurie Johnson, and casts are a mix of Americans abroad (Carol Lynley, Donna Mills) and British pros (Denholm Elliott, Patrick Magee), with the occasional up-and-comer (Helen Mirren) in the spotlight. More unsettling than horrifying – it’s not “Black Mirror” – but worth your 67 minutes if you need a dose of Halloween in the midst of all this spring sunshine; you can find it on Amazon Prime. (Paul Gaita)

Rambutan. Rambutan is small red, furry fruit that originated in Southeast Asia. Inside the leathery peel is a mild white berry similar to a lychee or a peeled grape. I remember once seeing an old man sitting in front of a shop peeling them with a curved knife as he snacked on them, and he gave me one. That seems like the best way to enjoy them. Although I bet they would make an exciting cocktail. (Elise Thompson)

Vans David Bowie Collection. A major punk rock credo has to do with commercialization, aka “mersh.” We are always a bit offput when music and products merge. But Vans Shoes are locals. They have long been the shoes of skaters and punks. We initially balked at their David Bowie collection, but a couple of the shoes are really cool. Plus, wearing Vans is like walking around in your slippers, and aging punks do like to be comfortable. Out of the six shoe designs, I’d say their success rate is at 50-percent. Two pairs are covered with checkers, which are not only so over, but they are so New Wave. Another one is a red high-top with a black sole that it reminds me too much of the Reeboks I wore to aerobics in the 80s. But, then there are three spectacular shoes! One of them features the Alladin Sane lightning bolt on white, which will never not be cool, and one is a lace-up in blue and green, an homage to the Space Oddity album. Our favorite is a black slip-on, which we admit is the most fancy slipper-looking one of all. In a tribute to Bowie’s Last album, Black Star, this shoe combines canvas and suede with a large vinyl star. Inside the shoes is a galaxy of stars to surprise and delight. Prices are around $70 to $85. The online store is running out of stock quickly, so you might need to head to your local Vans store. Check them out! (Elise Thompson)

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