Keith, Unfiltered – The Exhibition at Morrison Hotel Gallery

There are two things in life that I need not have an excuse to do; Write something about Keith Richards, and attend an event at The Morrison Hotel Gallery.  Both are happening this week, when the galleries simultaneously host, “Keith, Unfiltered” at their locations in New York, Maui, and my personal favorite, the Sunset Marquis.  This coming Thursday there promises to be lines around the block, filled with fans, gliteratti, and industry types.  Rumor has it that they are going to hang a giant Rolling Stones “tongue” at the pool, right over the golden-god visage of Robert Plant.  Not only that, but the artist who created the image, Ernie Cefalu will be there in person.  The Thursday event is by invite-only, but fear not, the exhibit will be open to the public the next day, Friday the 24th.

The exhibit of photographs will include some of the most iconic images of the world’s greatest rock and roll band, many of which are centered around the band’s 1969 tour.  Also, the hard-to-obtain “Talk is Cheap” boxed set will be offered for sale, marking the album’s 20 year anniversary.

Perfect timing considering the band recently announced the postponed dates for their North American No Filter 2019 tour.  Were it not for Sir Mick’s recent heart surgery, the band would be on tour as I write, so this show is a gift.  If you are in New York, Los Angeles, or Maui, get thee to a Morrison Hotel Gallery!  Who knows who you’ll run into?

More can be found at The Morrison Hotel website.


Photo:Ivor Levene

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