“What Does Regret Mean?” Book Release with Gibby Haynes and David Yow 5/18/19

David Yow, Gibby Haynes and Aaron Tanner at Zebulon Café Concert. Photo by Jordan Schwartz.

An interesting event at the Zebulon Cafe in Frogtown celebrating the release of the book “Butthole Surfers What Does Regret Mean?” The book focuses on graphics and photos with a smaller bit of text from those who experienced the band. I have a few photos from their first gig in L.A. at the Grandia Room in ’82 and a copy of the flyer of that amazing gig is in the book too.

The place was packed, and I had missed the book signing. I was waiting in the back and heard a familiar voice–Keith Morris. We chatted about his successful reading in the girls’ locker room at Pier Avenue Junior High in Hermosa last week, and bit about the Flag gig coming up this Saturday at Punk Rock bowling.

Then Moderator David Yow, Author Aaron Tanner , and Gibby hit the stage for a wild and wack Question and Answer session. To do a proper interview with Gibby, it needs to be a bit of a trainwreck, and Yow was the right conductor to plow through the fairly inebriated Zebulon crowd.

I did get a question in to Gibby about that Grandia Room gig and he mentioned he met El Duce there and asked him, “Is it true all of you songs are about anal sex?”

And Duce replied “No…well…Yes.”

Keith Morris revealed the primary reason for his attending the event when he asked Gibby on stage if would play the role of the mad professor in the upcoming Off! film “Watermelon” which he is working on with Yow. How could Gibby say no? Good casting. One tidbit from the Q&A was that Gibby’s first album was Abbey Road, and first gig was Dr. John, John McGlaughin, Mahvishnu Orchestra, and the Allman Brothers all on the same gig.

I chatted with Yow after the gig and mentioned that I am looking forward to see him sing with Flipper on Friday in Vegas at Punk Rock Bowling, playing with Killing Joke. As it turns out he was born in Vegas.

Pick up Butthole Surfers: What does regret mean?” here.

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