Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival May 2019 DTLV Events Center: The Bands

The Damned at PRB 2019. All photos by John Gilhooley.

In its 21st year, the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival still provides an amazing time.
Headliners Rancid , The Descendents and The Specials capped off each night of great music from bands both young and old. Highlights included punk legends The Stranglers, The Damned, Pennywise, The Dead Boys and Street Dogs. Many of the bands got the circle pits swirling on the 3rd street stage–a great addition to the festival.

FLAG brought the music of Black Flag to the Main Stage on Saturday night with Keith Morris respectfully reminding the crowd, “ I’m not sure why we’re playing after The Damned, but if it were not for them we all might not even be here right now.”

Sunday The Adolescents took the stage with the entire banner and all of the side screens showing “SOTO” in the band’s classic font from the blue album–a fitting tribute for the fallen Orange County music legend.

In their PRB debut direct from Sweden, The Hives tore apart the Main Stage on Monday night with singer Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist addressing the crowd mid-set with, “What’s Up Punks? Gentleman Punks? Lady Punks?” Asking, “Is there such a thing?” Also adding, “We’re not sure if we’re any better than the rest of the bands on the bill.” Then they proceeded to rule the set and the crowd, proving you did not have to start your band in the late 70’s or early 80’s to make a statement at a punk rock show.

Refused was another band that had a great set. Even The Vandals’ Joe and Dave told the crowd during their pre-Refused set,“Refused is coming on next–they’re going to tear it up–you guys better save your energy. “

With too many club shows to list or cover, I caught The Weirdos, The Stitches, The Dils The Exploited, Iron Reagan and more. All the bands went off! We’ll be back next year–wouldn’t miss it.

John Gilhooley

About John Gilhooley

Photographer John Gilhooley grew up in Los Angeles in the skateboarding / surfing and music scene. His first show was The GoGo's and The Blasters at The Starwood 1980 at age 15. He formed the punk band VOA (Voice of Authority) with his friend Mike in 1982 , starting on drums, then when they couldent find a singer he jumped off the drum kit to sing and had his friend Rich play drums , who was a way better drummer anyway. Attending photo school at LATTC in Downtown LA in the mid 80's and relocating to Huntington Beach in 1988 were all part of the journey. During the 90s John worked for the celebrity photographers coming to LA from New York. He scouted locations for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and others. Portraits and live music photography are John's specialty, with over100 magazine covers to date for OC Weekly, The District, LA City Beat, Culture, and others. When not shooting photos, he still can be found Surfing and strumming guitar in his latest band, The Zero Class.
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