THEATRE REVIEW: Aeriform Arts’ ‘Cirque du Giselle’ Soars at Hollywood Fringe

Tavi Stutz, left, and Tamysen Malles, in “Cirque du Giselle” at the Assistance League Theatre, Hollywood, at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. (Photo courtesy of Aeriform Arts)

“Cirque du Giselle” is a splendid, unique Fringe performance by Aeriform Arts instructors and students that incorporates the tragic classic ballet “Giselle” with aerial, acrobatics, and Cirque art. The use of projection and lighting spills the colors of old world Europe onto aerial silks and backdrops, creating a patina wherever it falls, whether it face, wall, or silk. With it, brings either the warmth of new sun to first love or a cool, visceral moody mix of texture and drama.

The dance performance came second overall, but the aerial performances, acrobatics, and stilt-walking often simply took my breath away and many an audible gasp was heard all around. Standout performances were leads Tamysen Malles and Tavi Stutz, with Stutz being exceptional in both dance and aerial choreography.

The first half, involving the pains of first love and rejection, is lighter to start, while the projections cast playful light on the dancers and aerialists.

The second act was darker, and deliciously spooky, with various afterworld creatures who coax and haunt, writhing in fabric cocoons. A pair of stilt-walkers, when tethered, appear to both comfort and torment our protagonists, as projected dark forests splash across their bodies. The culmination is a glorious and well-meshed cirque ballet that, should it come back, must not be missed!

Pray it comes back.

Aeriform Arts provides instructional classes in Silks, Hammock, Aerial Hoop/Lyra, Cube, Pole, Bungee, Trapeze, Aerial Yoga, Dance, and Stretch. The studio is located at 1276 N Van Ness Ave, Los Angeles, Ca 90038. For more information call 323-466-Aeri (2374) or email

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