Happy Birthday to the Late Steve Soto of Adolescents

Photo by John Gilhooley

Happy Birthday, Steve Soto – Quick backstory on this photo – with his touring schedule, time was tight. With my OC Weekly deadline and having been fortunate enough to have done previous shoots with Steve, I said to him, “Steve, if we don’t have time to meet up I can just use one of our other photos.”

Steve says, “No lets do it – I just got my haircut – I’m ready.” We met up at our friend Alex’s Bar – I asked him to bring his Acoustic guitar to show him as a Singer/Songwriter – it worked out well – Really grateful to have known him – Respect.

John Gilhooley

About John Gilhooley

Photographer John Gilhooley grew up in Los Angeles in the skateboarding / surfing and music scene. His first show was The GoGo's and The Blasters at The Starwood 1980 at age 15. He formed the punk band VOA (Voice of Authority) with his friend Mike in 1982 , starting on drums, then when they couldent find a singer he jumped off the drum kit to sing and had his friend Rich play drums , who was a way better drummer anyway. Attending photo school at LATTC in Downtown LA in the mid 80's and relocating to Huntington Beach in 1988 were all part of the journey. During the 90s John worked for the celebrity photographers coming to LA from New York. He scouted locations for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and others. Portraits and live music photography are John's specialty, with over100 magazine covers to date for OC Weekly, The District, LA City Beat, Culture, and others. When not shooting photos, he still can be found Surfing and strumming guitar in his latest band, The Zero Class.
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