Douglas Tausik Ryder’s ‘Body Language’ On View at Jason Vass Gallery through October 19, 2019

Photo by Billy Bennight

Douglas Tausik Ryder‘s exhibition, “Body Language,” opened at Jason Vass Gallery on Saturday, September 7th, and the exhibition will continue through October 19th. Taisik Ryder‘s work is a conversation about fluid organic interpretations of form that evoke and integrate both biomorphic and geometric applications.

His wooden sculptures are products of his interest in the form, but are mastered through a digital process using a very specific industrial technology. All of these pieces are manufactured utilizing digital technology known as geometric code. “G-code” is a CAD/CAM language, and this fabrication process utilizing G-Code drives the industrial CNC (computer numerical control) machine/tool that makes his art.

The technology is located in his studio, rather than offsite. By having ready access, he is able to guide the process on a more skillful and intimate level, exalting the primitive. Unlike other artists who farm the process out, Ryder constructs these pieces himself in his studio. Additionally, every one of his creations is detailed and hand-finished in his studio.

Taisik Ryder’s work, consisting of wooden sculptures, alludes to abstract organic forms. Some echo the sensuality of the feminine, and others reveal the primitive. G-code allows Ryder to harness a digital process to create these fluidly abstract, biologically and organically informed pieces that seamlessly announce his art with an eye-pleasing and intriguing familiarity that’s pleasing to. Tausik Ryder’s “Body Language” will be on view at Jason Vass Gallery (1452 E. Sixth Street, Los Angeles) through October 19, 2019.

Billy Bennight

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