Boys of Summer Will Bring the Music of the Eagles to Alva’s in San Pedro

The Boys of Summer have been a Southern California fixture for many years. Exclusively playing the tunes of the Eagles, the Boys bring their show to Alva’s Showroom in San Pedro on Saturday, October 5. Growing up with the music of the Eagles in the 60s and 70s, they’ve never lost their love for this iconic group. Famed comedian George Lopez proclaimed that they are “the most authentic-sounding Eagles (tribute) band in America”.

No strangers to readers of The Los Angles Beat, The Boys of Summer consist of Jimmy Williamson, drums/vocals; Darrel Monson, guitar/vocals; Nate King, guitar/vocals; David A. Williams, guitar/vocals; Chris Turbis, keyboards/guitar/vocals; and Mike Bear, bass/vocals. They are favorites throughout California, as well as playing to packed shows and festivals in Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada.

Unlike many bands that just copy the songs, The Boys of Summer recreate the energy of a live Eagles show. Just like the originals, the songs are done with the key elements there, but a creativity that keeps no two shows sounding alike. This keeps bringing fans in, with not only the older fans enjoying the music but new, younger fans finding out why the Eagles were such a pivotal group in the history of rock.

Alva’s Showroomis a rather unique place to see The Boys of Summer. Generally performing at festivals, in performing arts centers and other sizable venues, this is rare for the Boys to play a small;l, intimate venue like Alva’s Showroom. Designed along the lines of a small amphitheater with nothing but great seats, Alva’s is a perfect place to really appreciate some of the more intimate acoustic numbers in the Eagles’ music catalog.

The Boys of Summer Tribute to the Eagles plays on Saturday, October 5 at 8pm. The location is Alva’s Showroom, 1417 W. 8thStreet in San Pedro. Phone info (310) 833-7538. Tickets $30 at Alva’s Showroom website. Ticket page.

The Boys of Summer Tribute website

Alva’s Showroom website

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