Ten Reasons Why You Should not Miss The Los Angeles Auto Show this Year

Challenger! Photo by Ivor Levene.

The world-famous L.A. Auto Show starts tomorrow, November 22, 2019, and runs through December 1, 2019. The show will fill the LA Convention Center with over a thousand cars, trucks, SUVs, and electric vehicles. Of course, the big draw is always the classics, customized rides and exotics. The LA Beat was able to get a sneak preview, and here are some reasons to go:

  1. You can see the new Mustang electric SUV. This thing should take off like a Lead Zeppelin. My biggest question is, why? Why would Ford take a legendary name like Mustang and attach it to another grocery-hauler?
  2. You can see Satan Claus and his Dodge-powered sleigh. No, I didn’t make a spelling error, because the real Santa Claus would not have something called the Dodge Demon Hellcat Redeye pulling his gifts, but Satan Claus sure would. And I like Satan Claus better than his goody-two-shoes cousin Santa Claus because he gives everyone coal.
  3. The return of the Super Bee. If you’re born in the 1960’s, you know what I mean.
  4. The Corvette. The 2020 mid-engine Ferarri-beating for less than $80k Corvette Stingray. This car has been the darling of every single car magazine for the past couple of months, and when this thing hits dealerships, there will be a waiting list to get one. This car is the star of the show, with a perfect pairing of muscle, comfort, and design. The car is destined to become an instant classic, and it looks great in blue!
  5. The BMW i8, a car that is as hard to get into figuratively, as it is literally and financially.
  6. The Lexus LF-30 prototype, a car with gullwing doors so big, you would need three parking spaces to open the doors. It should come with an in-flight movie with those wings.
  7. The Maybach. The most decadent, luxurious back seat in automotive history. They had to wake me up to get me out of it. If only air travel looked and felt like this. Too bad it costs more than my house.
  8. The Lincoln Continental with SUICIDE DOORS. With the advent of all the autonomous cars, it sure seems like a great decision to bring back a car with doors that will kill it’s passengers when you park it and open the door to oncoming traffic. You can’t sit in the Conti, it’s protected by glass, they don’t want you to get hurt until you drive one off the lot, and then it’s your fault.
  9. A Bugatti Veyron made from Lego blocks. Can you imagine sitting in this thing?
  10. A car that has been available less than twenty years celebrating it’s “50th anniversary”, the Dodge Challenger.

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More information at L.A. Auto Show. 

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