Conan Gray’s Comfort Crowd Tour: Review and Photo Gallery

Conan Gray at the Fonda Theatre. Photo by Genesia Ting for the Los Angeles Beat.

Picture this: you’ve wrapped your sold-out North American tour, have amassed 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and about 6 million people stream your music every month. You’re not just any 21-year-old – you’re Conan Gray.

I caught Conan’s night 1 of 3 in Los Angeles at the Fonda, on his sold-out North American Tour. His fans are noticeably younger than a typical night out, ranging from younger folks accompanied by their parents, to high school seniors, in the midst of figuring out their college applications.

Benee, a 19-year old hailing from Auckland, kicks off the set with enigmatic indie-pop songs. Once Conan hits the stage, starting with “The King”, the energy feels electric. He’s a storyteller, well-versed in weaving personal anecdotes between songs.

He performs hits like “Idle Town”, “Generation Why”, and “Comfort Crowd”. Conan also debuts a track off of his forthcoming debut album, called “The Story,” a vivid and deeply personal reflection about his tough childhood. A cover of “Burnin’ Up” by the Jonas Brothers makes an appearance, and he finishes his set with “Maniac” and an encore for “Crush Culture”.

Conan takes a crystal-clear approach tapping into the feeling that comes with nostalgic pop. His sound resonates heavily with his massive audience and is perhaps what contributed to his widespread success. Sonically, his music appears to be a mix of Lorde, Troye Sivan, and others – but when peeled back, he has an extra layer of vulnerability that sets him apart.

If you missed Conan Gray on tour, check for upcoming show announcements here.

Check out our photos from the show below:

Genesia Ting

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