Obama Whitehouse Photographer Anna Wilding Launches Pictorial Coffee Table Book “Celebrate Hope: The Obama Collection”, just in Time for the Holiday Season!

Photo Courtesy of Anna Wilding

Now, just in time for the Holiday Season, give the gift of much needed (non-orange) nostalgia with an art exhibit and coffee table book all in one in the form of Director, Actress, Writer, Comedienne, and Photographer Anna Wilding’s Celebrate Hope: The Obama Collection! Entitled after its original photographic exhibit, unveiled back in early February, this salutary nod to President Obama, and family, is the perfect bookend (almost literally) to a year that commenced in copious, poetically photographic commemoration!

With two sizes to choose from, these deluxe edition books will fit prominently under the tree, within the confines of any good-sized stocking, or alongside any given menorah provided the table on which it is placed, exceeds that of a nightstand.

The Open Edition Version comprises 32 pages at 8” by 8” stock and the Collectors Ltd. Edition encompasses a whopping 36 pages at 16” x 12”.

Most importantly, a 10% discount is available (at roughly $20 on the smaller book and $50 on the larger one) for those ambient bibliophiles who wish to sign up for Wilding’s newsletter at www.annawilding.world then  using the code promotion092 upon checking out.

Dubbed “a portable exhibit” by Wilding, these Coffee Table Conversation Pieces are constructed with high quality Lucite comprising the hardcover portion, all bound by black vegan leather. Enveloped within: Historic, glossy, color, and black and white prints adorning the thickest of colorfast paper, the longevity of which, will most likely last, until Malia’s granddaughter’s inauguration!

Photo Courtesy of Anna Wilding

Also, of note, The Collectors Edition is delivered in a black deluxe gift box fastened with a black satin ribbon. Manufactured by most reputable craftsmen within the U.S. and Germany, this keepsake will provide any friend or family member a walk through recent to distant history for years to come!

These photos of a day in the life of the Obama administration aka “the people’s house” take you from the Oval Office, to the White House Lawn, to Air Force One and beyond all in one fell swoop!

Lauded as “iconic” for not only her photography, but her work in front of, and behind the camera, as an actor, director, writer, producer, and comedienne, Wilding is no stranger to fandom by way of those in her field.

According to Kate Linder of The Young and the Restless, “Anna Wilding has created an amazing collection. She makes you feel like you are viewing everything from the inside!”

Longtime Actress and Comedienne Geri Jewell, best known for her work on The Facts of Life could not help but sing Wilding’s praises in kind, “Anna Wilding absolutely captured the energy of an era of class, dignity, hope and glory, a must see!”

Wilding’s photography has been featured in many a mainstream art gallery, and her films and music videos have met with global accolades pending premieres near and far.

Photo Courtesy of Anna Wilding

The stand-out quality evinced in Ms. Wilding’s work has been described as conveying “an underlying theme of humanity and our shared human values while grounded in the style of both contemporary and classical art and pop culture.”

The beneficiary of international acclaim, her limited edition photographs are mounted in private collections on both coasts!

For more information, pertaining to Ms. Wilding’s work and/or to purchase one of her two keepsake books, right off the homepage, please visit:


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