Five Mondays in December: Club Scum takes over the Echoplex/Echo for an epic close to 2019

Trap Girl headlined the final residency night at the Echo on December 30.

This past December saw Club Scum promoters Rudy Bleu Garcia and Hex-Ray bring a diverse group of performers to the Echoplex (December 2 and 9) and the Echo (December 16, 23 and 30), each a Monday night residency to give the Scum community and other local club goers an opportunity to party within the city limits in Echo Park.

Club Scum, a queer POC monthly dance club, normally takes place 10 minutes east in Montebello at Club Chico, a gay bar whose clientele is primarily gay Latinx.  The Club Scum crowd (mainly queer, mainly brown, varying gender identities, and a wide age range but mainly 20s to 30 somethings) usually packs the club floor to dance to its favorite punk, indie, Latinx, house, post-punk and electro tunes. Also each Club Scum night the crowd is treated to an amazing array of talented drag performers, with some occasionally traveling from the bay area, New York, Mexico and other locations to perform.

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While normally a dance club at Club Chico, the Echoplex and Echo residency nights were dedicated primarily to bands, solo artists and drag performances on stage, many who are Scum regulars and/or are heavily involved with the underground queer punk/alternative scene.  Of course popular Scum DJs (including Garcia and Hex-Ray) still got to spin their vinyl: DJ Brown Bruja, DJ Bat Slave and DJ Xander all spun during separate residency nights. There was a constant draw to each night, with many attending all five residency nights.

The bands, solo artists and drag performers of Club Scum’s 2019 residency nights: AGENDER, Lady Forbidden, Xina Xurner, Bustié, Jesua Bones, Trap Girl, Romy (also lead singer of AGENGER), Dvvsk (Dusk), San Cha (with her new backing band), Strangers, La Pregunta, Skirt Cocaine, D**s*cker, Co-Ed, Cl*t Eastwood, Grudgepacker, Pussy Tuesday, Neyva (with and without band), Royalties, Garbitch, Satanna, The Groans, Mod Pods, Pony Sweat’s Tori Amos Tribute Dance Group, Frankie Doom and Vicky Jean Mochi.

It was an exciting finish to 2019 with the Club Scum crowd. The energy and expectations for Club Scum in 2020 are high and there is no doubt that the club and community will deliver!

Club Scum takes place the last Friday of each month at Club Chico, 2915 W. Beverly Blvd., Montebello, CA  90640. There is lot and street parking. Cover charge: $5

©Photos by Judy Ornelas Sisneros. All rights reserved.

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