Weed Review: Maven Genetics’ Lemon Rocks (Hybrid)

Lemon Rocks, some seriously chewy marijuana from Maven Genetics. Photo from their website.

Maven Genetics has been around for more than twenty years, producing for California’s medical market when it was in its infancy. Having survived that long, one can imagine they now know their shit. The eighth I consumed of their Lemon Rock hybrid varietal was truly outstanding.

The first thing one notices upon opening the jar is the citrusy, herbal note flooding the room. This is weed that is pleasing to all the senses–a lovely and fragrant plant that sticks delightfully to one’s fingers like glue, and, when smoked, tastes delicious and makes dub music sound positively other-worldly. That ticks a lot of sensory boxes with one purchase. The combination of these five simultaneous messages may induce a sense of well being, if you’re someone that likes to enjoy lovely, fragrant, tasty things that make you feel good while listening to the greatest music ever produced.

You may be looking at the posted photo of that frosty white crystalline bud and thinking, “No way.” If anything, that photo does not do justice to the amount of frosty white trichomes that cover every surface in the jar. I just did a series on eighth bags found in the Valley for $30 and under, and while some of those tested have the strength to compete with this one, none of them had the look and smell this beautiful plant does.

For a hybrid, this weed did a good job of combining the relaxing and pain-relieving indica properties with the sativa’s tendency to make the mind go to unexpected places. You may find yourself really enjoying a movie, but then predicting the end, and getting so into your own outrageous fantasies of what the characters should be doing, that you have to stop watching and go straight to writing Fan Fiction. But, once the indica’s relaxing properties have taken their full effect, good luck getting off the couch long enough to start anything. Your brain and body may send you mixed messages. That’s just a sign of a good hybrid. Roll with it.

Maven eighths normally retail for $40, which is neither the cheapest or most luxuriant price point. The quality of the grow, and the obvious attention to detail, reveal a passion for fine herb that is clearly and brilliantly reflected in the serene head/ body combo. As a result, I have to say Maven Genetics as a brand comes Recommended.  

I have to thank the folks at Herbal Pain Relief Center in Mission Hills, who provided me the sample of this product used for this review.



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