Something Witchy: Day Goth 2nd Anniversary Party with Lydia Lunch

Guest DJ Lydia Lunch, transgressive musician and writer, with Day Goth club co-runner Bradford Nordeen at the club’s 2nd anniversary party at Akbar.

Last week, on Sunday, March 8, Day Goth held it’s second anniversary party and on hand to help celebrate was the legendary confrontational and transgressive musician Lydia Lunch (Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, 8-Eyed Spy, Beirut Slump, Harry Crews, Medusa’s Bed, Big Sexy Noise and tons of solo and collaborative work) and writer (So Real It Hurts, Paradoxia) who guest DJ’d along with her close friend extreme performance artist (and Day Goth regular) Ron Athey – all of this taking place at the Akbar watering hole in Silver Lake. To the delight of Day Goth regulars Lunch was announced at the last minute as the surprise guest DJ but had been teased by club co-runner Bradford Nordeen for several days prior to the event.

Also on hand at this special event, thanks to Nordeen along with his co-club runner Kimberly Kim, was a large stable of other outstanding guest DJs to take care of our Day Goth needs in both the front room and the dance room: DJ Big Debbie, DJ Nuit Noir, DJ Shadazz, DJ AdamXVI, DJ Liz O, DJ David Dancer, DJ Pepito, DJ Romy Hoffman, DJ Marvin 7, DJ Shrill and DJ Brown Bruja!

There was a who’s who of Day Goth regulars and not-so-regulars mixing it up: performance artists Divinity P. Fudge and Sarah Johnson, Terry Lee (Rocksteady Lounge), Peter Kalisch (Queerspace), Mz. Neon and Celeste (Princest), filmmaker Daviel Shy, Becky Wreck (Dirty Cakes), Sara Russell (Sapphic Musk), Ilona Berger (Last Projects Gallery), scenesters Sandra Rosales and DJ Solecito Alvarez, writer/filmmaker Amy Scholder, poet Steven Reigns, scenesters Sean Barger and Waylon Allison….and many more!

Day Goth, named because its early hours begins while the sun is up, takes place at Akbar the second Sunday of each month but is now on hold until further notice, as are other Akbar clubs and clubs statewide. When we come out of this pandemic, let’s hope that everyone in the Day Goth community and other fans, well everyone, emerges to safer and healthier world to dance again – so don’t toss out your goth dance shoes!

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Day Goth, which takes place the second Sunday of the month at Akbar, 4356 Sunset Boulevard, LA 90029 in Silver Lake is now temporarily shuttered until further notice.

©Photos by Judy Ornelas Sisneros. All rights reserved.

Judy Ornelas Sisneros

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