Weed Review: Time For Another Look At Cannasseurs Club NoHo

PPhoto by Mr. Ubetchakoff. This piece involved a shitload of research every day for months. The sacks are more appetizing when full but I smoked all of my last batch from them before I remembered to take a picture.









EDIT: As of December 31, this shop has been closed for four months. I have not been able to find any info on why it was shuttered, back in September they were claiming a minor infraction and expected to be back within days. I think its safe to assume it is not coming back. If I find out anything different, I’ll let you know!  

I first visited the Mission Hills location of Cannasseurs Club in early 2019, seeking a high quality pre-roll for a concert that night by an arty progressive noise band, and what they offered did indeed send three experienced stoners into “oh shit” territory. At the time, I found it to be well-stocked and fairly priced, with a good variety of house-grown weed and vape carts. It was more a high-end “Apple store” as opposed to “hippie health food store” vibe. They also had a VIP Room that you passed upon entry, where you could imagine rappers negotiating for pound quantities while doing bongloads and getting a lap dance.

The North Hollywood location became one of my go-to spots. Their introduction of “Wholesale Wednesdays” on which you could buy their consistently high-quality house bud in quarter-ounce increments for under $50 after tax, made it into a place with a line out the door, even though there are weed shops on every corner of North Hollywood. 

However I was skeptical of their announced plan to introduce “membership programs” earlier this year – a business model involving separate payments of a monthly membership fee, a per-item door fee, and then wholesale prices on the actual product. Even if I could make the math work out, I was leery of paying any amount in advance to buy weed later. How many shops have been suddenly shut down with no warning? A lot. I started seeking out alternative spots and brands.

But a couple of months ago, something told me I should look at the CC again, and see what was going on there. I learned that they had ditched the membership fee, and were now allowing customers to buy everything in the shop under the previous wholesale terms. You pay a door fee based on the number of items you wish to purchase, ranging from $10 for one item to $25 for four items. Then you pay your budtender the wholesale price for the items you choose off the shelf, which in my case is almost always their house weed.

House eighths from the “Private Reserve” shelf are $15 each after tax. This means that for $85 – a $25 door fee plus four $15 bags – you can walk out the door with a half ounce of very fine marijuana. This works out to $21.25 per eighth out the door. I don’t know of any other shop in California that is selling quality weed for that price.

Let’s take a closer look at two of this week’s offerings, an Indica called King Stash (22.2% THC), and another Indica called True OG (25.2% THC.) At first glance, it’s not easy to tell them apart. Both are fresh and fragrant, harvested less than a month ago. Both are coated with frosty trichomes, pleasantly bright green with thick orange hairs, and a distinctly citrusy aroma which I rather like. Some weed jars lately smell like you just peeled some fresh fruit, which is a trend I welcome. Close visual inspection reveals King Stash having some more dark green highlights.

They smoke equally well, too. Both produce a pleasant physical effect, a signature Indica characteristic that this brand really shines with. Both have an extended lingering effect that makes them ideal for summer use. The head is more relaxed than restless, good for staying in one place for a while, in my case with the portable AC aimed at my face and a bag of ice between my legs.

I will say that True OG having a higher THC percent is making it cut through a little more today, though that effect will be lessened by the third day of having the jar open. I’m becoming very aware of tolerance lately, and my preferences are leaning toward more like 20% THC bud, and less like 30%. I do like strong things but, too much 30% weed seems to have the effect of dampening everything. By the time you have the tolerance to overcome THAT,  it’s like you can’t get high any more. I’m finding it better to keep some high end bud for a special occasion, and live somewhere closer to 20%.

Should you decide to lean toward the indulgent rather than the practical, the eighths on their “Connoisseur” shelf priced at $25 and change are just that much nicer and more beautiful. THC counts on these tend to go higher; the batch of Khalifa Kush I picked up a few weeks ago tipped the scales at 31.2%. This week, Cherry Sherbet, at 28.7% THC, is back. My last experience with this strain from this shop was memorable, one of those weeds that really WAS something to write home about. A month and a half later, it’s still nice.

A half ounce of this stuff will set you back $129, which works out to just over $32 per eighth – less than last year’s state average of $34 – for what tends to be rather nice, gourmet weed. Some of the bags I have been sold in this category could sit on the $50 shelf with ease.

I’ve developed the routine of getting three Private Reserve shelf bags and one from the  Connoisseur, which sets me back just under $100 for a quality half ounce. Even with a little indulgence involved, that’s still a great price, under $25 an 8th for a juicy haul.

Having spent roughly three months with this as my main spot, I have been through around fifteen of their house strains. There has been only one I would probably avoid buying again, and only because of the taste- Purple Tangie. It just wasn’t the most pleasant, though I had no problem finishing the bag, a high-potency sativa with a restorative effect, energetic weed that says “let’s do dishes!” (I’m not sure if that is a great endorsement or not, I’m just speaking the truth of my experience.) Their Lemon Tart sativa offering from earlier in the summer was a much better taste experience.

Having been through a good amount of the stuff, it feels like a good and consistent product to me. I recommend it. I will go so far as to say, their Private Reserve shelf is the best deal on weed in the Valley right now.

I will note that only once have I gone in and found the $15 Private Reserve bags completely sold out, so I bought just a small amount of the pricier stuff to tide me over. On my next visit, the $15 shelf was well supplied again. This temporary outage of the cheap bud was actually reflected on their Weedmaps menu when I looked at it later, so if the bargain selections are important to you, it’s a good idea to check there before making the drive.

They do carry other jar weed, edibles, and the usual weed shop contents at prices that more or less resemble other shops in the Valley. But with house weed of this quality at this price, it’s not that tempting. Do keep in mind that the most economical thing is always to buy in multiples of four items, and as far as I know an 8th is always considered “1 item”; ie buying a half ounce bag would require a four-item door fee, not a one-item fee.

The door fee thing is a little wacky but, so is the tabacky. Bear with it. Once you walk out with a fat sack of sticky herbs for a little bit of money, you will take it home, twist one up and light it, and then suddenly, it will all make sense to you, brothers and sisters, I promise.

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