Ten Spots to Catch a Halloween Drive-In Movie

If you’re itching to watch a spooky flick or horror classic on a big screen, here are ten drive-in movie options for you to celebrate the season safely during this pandemic Halloween. You can play Poison’s “Talk Dirty To Me” on the way in, just for that line in the chorus.

The Grove’s Level 8 Drive-In Fright Nights

Jump in the line and catch the never-gets-old Tim Burton classic, “Beetlejuice,” on the top level of The Grove’s parking lot on Wednesday, Oct 28th at 7:30pm. Tickets start at $60 per car and include various meal packages.

L.A. Zoo’s Hair-Raising Halloween

The L.A. Zoo has turned its parking lot into a drive-in, complete with photo opportunities, treat bags and meals that can be ordered on your phone. At 8:30pm, see “Lake Placid” on Sunday, Oct. 25th, “Clue” on Thursday, Oct. 29th, “Goosebumps” on Friday, Oct. 30th, “The Addams Family” on Saturday, Oct. 31st, or “Poltergeist” on Sunday, Nov. 1st. Tickets start at $100 for one car with two guests.

Hollywood Legion Theater’s Seven Days A Week

The Hollywood Legion Theater has opened the first official drive-in theater in Hollywood, offering movies seven days a week at 7pm to a max of 30 cars. At 7pm, see “The Omen” on Tuesday, Oct. 27th, “Marathon Man” on Wednesday, Oct. 28th, “Get Out” on Thurs. Oct 29th, “Universal Monster Night” on Fri. Oct 30th, or “Psycho” at 6:30 or 9:30pm on Sat. Oct 31st. Tickets start at $65 and include “unlimited popcorn,” one drink and one candy per person.

Roosevelt Hotel’s Spooky Sundays

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, already supposedly haunted, has turned its valet parking lot into a drive-in with a full menu and bar service available inside an Airstream. Catch “The Addams Family” at 6:30pm or “Halloween II” at 9:30pm on Sunday, Oct. 25th. Tickets start at $55 per car and include complimentary popcorn.

Electric Dusk Drive-In Now in Downtown and Glendale

The Electric Dusk Drive-In has expanded to two locations: the old Sears lot in Glendale plus 951 S. Flower Street in downtown L.A. Watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” on Sun. Oct. 25th at 7pm, “Friday The 13th” at 7:15pm and/or “Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter” on Fri. Oct. 30th at 9:30pm, “Halloween” at 7:15pm and/or “Psycho” on Sat. Oct. 31st at 9:30pm. Tickets start at $8 per person plus a $23 car entrance fee and snack pre-orders are available, but you can also bring your own.

L.A. Arts Society at Gardena Cinema Theater

The Los Angeles Arts Society has moved its screenings to the Gardena Cinema Theater’s back lot, where the lobby is open for food and drinks, but you can also bring your own. For Halloween, there are multiple showings of “Friday The 13th,” “Halloween” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” beginning Sun. Oct. 25th, and continuing Thurs. Oct. 29th thru Sun. Nov. 1st. Tickets start at $25 per car.

The Roadium Swap Meet in Torrance  

The Roadium Open-Air Market in Torrance, which used to be a drive-in theater, is now offering occasional drive-in movie nights, including some Halloween screenings: “A Nightmare on Elm Street” on Thurs. Oct. 29th at 7pm and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” on Fri. Oct 30th at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $30 per car and there is a snack bar available.

Malibu Film Society’s Haunted Halloween Nights

The Malibu Film Society will be showing movies on a three-story tall screen at the Chili Cook-Off Site in Malibu on Friday, Oct. 30th and Saturday, Oct. 31st at 7pm, with meals available to pre-order. Catch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” on Friday or “Ghostbusters” on Saturday. Reservations are required with a requested donation.

The Frida Cinema in Orange County

The non-profit art-house Frida Cinema is offering drive-in nights at the Zion Lutheran Church & School in Anaheim and the Mess Hall Market in Tustin. Tustin: “Evil Dead 2” on Tues. Oct. 27th or Universal Monsters Triple Feature on Fri. Oct. 30th. Anaheim: “The Nightmare Before Christmas” on Sat. Oct. 31st.  Tickets are $25 per car and you can bring your own food.

Ventura County Fairgrounds’ Movies In Your Car

The Concerts In Your Car team is also hosting drive-in movies at the Ventura County Fairgrounds’ Seaside Park. At 7pm, you can see “Scream” on Mon. Oct. 26th, “Hotel Transylvania” on Tues. Oct. 27th, “The Silence of the Lambs” on Wed. Oct. 28th or “Halloween” on Thurs. Oct. 29th. Tickets start at $29 per car and you can bring your own food.

Image via Thomas Hawk on Flickr

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